BRO RUBEN “Benru” MACAIRAP: Commitment, Commitment, Commitment!!!

by BCBP Editor

By Mimi Nolledo Lucena, BCBP Pasay

Hi Kuya Ruben!”

I greeted the husband of my first cousin Ate Dalins and took a seat at their house, one which I have visited several times during my life. It was because of Kuya Ruben and Ate Dalins that I joined the BCBP two years ago, having been invited by them back then.

It was early in the morning and I was glad I managed to catch Kuya Ruben before he went off to work. I held my notebook in place and clutched my pencil, then began to scribble as I noted down his answers to the questions I prepared the day before.

Mimi: So kuya, I know you were originally from the Alabang Chapter. When did you first join and what CLP batch did you graduate from?

Benru: I joined in November 1991, that’s more than seventeen years ago! I graduated from BCLP # 19.

Mimi: Okay, got it. Why did you join the BCBP?

Benru: Naku, because of your Ate Dalins’ nagging! She has been wanting to join the BCBP and I finally gave in although I was worried about not having enough time as I was busy with work. Pero pinagbigyan ko na. Later on, I realized that there is no lone ranger Christian. I was convinced that you need to have a community and that community is the BCBP.

Mimi: How did the BCBP help you in your personal life?

Benru: I’ve become more forgiving, more understanding and more patient.

Mimi: I know you’ve been the chapter head (of BCBP Pasay) for almost 12 years. How do you feel about relinquishing the role this year?

Benru: Relieved!

Mimi: (Laughter) Yes, I could have answered that question for you! Okay, next question. What are the dreams you have for the chapter that are yet to be fulfilled?

Benru: I have two. First, I have always wanted a permanent home like the Alabang Chapter has, a place to hold our breakfasts, CLPs, meetings and fellowship. I am hoping we have already found that permanent home in our venue today. Second, I am hoping that our chapter will have more committed members.

Mimi: Agree! Sige, let’s pray for that. Kuya, the Pasay Chapter is slowly gaining younger members like us, ahem, ahem (laughter) lately. What message could you give this younger generation?

Benru: Be committed, faithful and steadfast for you will take over the reign of leadership in the future.

Mimi: I know that you have a very busy schedule, especially with work demands, but also with raising a family. How do your balance all of these with the challenges that you also face in your role in the BCBP?

Benru: I do it through prayers and I always remember the commitment I made to BCBP.

Mimi: On a personal note, what are your hobbies? Di naman siguro puro work and BCBP, di ba?

Benru: Oo naman. I find watching TV relaxing and also enjoy playing basketball and tennis.

Mimi: Bowling din di ba? I remember you teaching me, my brother and cousins bowling nung bata pa kami!

Benru: Tama!

Mimi: Finally, I wonder…if a genie appeared right now and told you that he would grant you wishes, what would these be?

Benru: For the BCBP, I wish that all the members will be loving and caring to one another. For the family, I wish that Dalins will be healthy and strong for the sake of service and family.

Mimi: Sige, kuya, maraming salamat for your time. It is strange to be interviewing you but it has been a pleasure.

And so ends the interview, short but sweet. Kuya Ruben has always been easy to talk to, very direct and honest. There has always been no pretensions. He is also someone who can deal with people from all walks of life and has a wealth of experience to share with everyone. This interview simply does not do justice to him. There is a lot more to discover about Kuya Ruben once you get to know him better.

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