Bulacan East Chapter is Born

by BCBP admin

By Bro. Gerald Hilario

Bulacan East Govenance Team

February 15, 2020 is an auspicious day for BCBP in Bulacan. It marked the historic day when Bulacan East Chapter (BEC) was officially installed as a full-fledged chapter of BCBP, and together with it, the Installation of its first Governance Team (GT). BCBP Board of Trustees (BOT) Chairman Bro. Tito Serafica together with Area Managing Director for North Luzon Bro. German Balot and Regional Council Director (RCD) for Central Luzon Bro. Boyet Cristobal officiated said installation ceremonies. 

The newly-installed GT through its PSD, with generous amount of assistance from Bulacan Central Chapter (BCC) and Bulacan North Chapter (BNC) left no stone unturned to stage a fast-paced, inspiring yet entertaining program at the same time. Installed as its first Chapter Head (CH) was Bro. Edgar Leonida  (wife Sis. Yeng). He was installed together with the rest of GT: Mission Director Bro. Gerald Hilario (wife Sis. Grace), Formation Director Bro. Ronald Sanchez (wife Sis. Weena), Programs and Services Director Bro. Abet Santiago (wife Sis. Marivi), Family Life Director Bro. Cris Constantino (wife Sis. Jo), Treasurer Bro. Fong Hui (wife Sis. Lyn), together with Unit Leaders Bro. Roland de Guzman (wife Sis. Hermie), Bro. Rey Jose (wife Sis. Ellen), and Bro. Kiel Arceo (wife Sis. Nikki). 

The theme of this joyous event was “Lord, I will follow You wherever You go” inspired by Luke 9:57. It was held at  Acacia Hall, Wood Cabin Events Place in Camangyanan, Sta. Maria, Bulacan. Around 165 guests came to witness this memorable event. Among them are the distinguished members of BCBP BOT and Management Committee (MANCOM ) headed by BOT Chair Bro. Tito Serafica (wife Sis. Josie), AMD Bro. German Balot (wife Sis. Lina), RCD from Central Luzon Boyet Cristobal (wife Sis. Belle), RCD for South East Luzon Bro. Rolando Alejandro (wife Sis. Jocelyn), Managing Director of National Office Bro. Pancho Jamlig (wife Sis. Nette), NSC for Programs and Services Bro. PV Beley (wife Sis. Monette), former President Bro. Manny Jimenez (wife Sis. Reggie), BCBP Coordinator for HongKong Mission Bro. Cris Dy (wife Sis. Tetchie), and Regional Coordinator for Mission Bro. Gaine Dusaban, himself a former Chapter Head of BCC (wife Sis. Debbie). Also in attendance were Chapter Heads Bro. Eric Reyes of BCC (where BEC split from) (wife Sis. Coy), Bro. Sonny Liwanag (wife Sis. Lily) of Bulacan North Chapter BNC, Bro. Nestor Publico (wife Sis. Lea) of Olongapo Chapter and Bro. Rod Cobankiat (wife Sis. Ruby) of CAMANAVA. 

Chapter Head (CH) Bro. Edgar Leonida  and wife Sis. Yeng. With AMD for Northern Luzon Gerry Balot (L) and RCD for Central Luzon Boyet Cristobal (R).

BEC is the third chapter that was installed from the province of Bulacan (as it split from its Mother Chapter BCC who counts among its former Chapter Heads the late Bro. Rey Justiniano (wife Sis. Elvie) and Bro. Gaine Dusaban (wife Sis. Debbie) with current Chapter Head Bro. Eric Reyes (wife Sis. Coy). BCC also produced BNC. It is hoped that the Meycauayan Breakfast Mission (MBM) will evolve into  Bulacan South Outreach (BSO) by the first quarter of 2021 as an Outreach of BEC and, eventually,  become a full- pledged chapter itself. 

The City of San Jose del Monte, the most populous Local Government Unit (LGU) in Bulacan, with less than a million inhabitants, is envisioned to be the next frontier for possible expansion to the ever growing BCBP community in Bulacan. It would be the fifth chapter to emerge from Bulacan in God’s perfect time. Truly a testament to its commitment to follow the Lord wherever He goes.

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