Interaction among members in an action group is vital for growth. This means going beyond the period of praise and worship, beyond the study of God’s Word, beyond the members’ sharings to enter into a phase of being able to find out what makes each member tick. Here are a few activities that promote interactive fellowship.

Quotables: Cut out or copy several pages of “Quotable Quotes” from old Reader’s Digests or other magazines. Pass these pages around and have each member select a favorite quote. Then have them tell why or how it relates to them.

Collections: Most of us collect things at one time or another in our lives. Have each member bring one of their collectables and tell about how and why they began to collect that particular item. If they do not have a collection, ask why not, and what item they would like to begin collecting.

Chocoholics Beware! After everyone has arrived, pass around a bag of M&Ms or other small candies. Warn the members to take enough for the next hour or so as merienda will be delayed, but NOT to start eating yet. When everyone has grabbed a few (or a lot), have each person tell one fact about himself/herself for each piece of candy he took. You may want to specify that the information should be something the group doesn’t already know.

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art dela cruz jr June 20, 2011 - 5:02 pm

we’ll try this, specially the chocoholics beware. thanks


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