We in the BCBP Manila Chapter congratulate our previous Chapter Head Francis V. Mapile who is the recipient of Philippine Regulation Commission’s 2009 Outstanding Professional of the Year Award in the field of Electrical Engineering. The “Outstanding Professional of the Year Award” is the highest award bestowed by the Commission upon a professional as recommended by his peers for having amply demonstrated professional competence of the highest degree and conducted himself with integrity in the exercise of his profession, participated meaningfully in professional activities through the professional organization, contributed significantly to the effective discharge of the profession’s social responsibility through meaningful contribution in socio-related activities. Francis was National President of the Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines (IIEE) in 2002, an electrical practitioner for 34 years and provides employment in his company, FVMapile , Incorporated.  Bro Francis, you are an inspiration to us!  –BCBP Manila Chapter

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