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By: Boy Villanueva, BCBP Cebu
The above is the title of a book I recently read (though unfinished yet) written by one of my favorite writers, Thomas H. Green, S.J. What really caught my attention was what was written on the cover of the book, which says “The Christian at Prayer in the World.”

In our commitment as members of the community, we promised the Lord to pray even during the darkness in our lives. As Fr. Green says, the marketplace in our lives is where we live and love and where, to a large extent, we discover God. Our life as Christians, especially if we are a part of a community, needs a lot of prayer for we at times experience some darkness, especially in our service. We at times doubt the ways of the Lord that we ask the Lord “why me?” Lord, why not me?

pebblesThis reminds me on the reading of Luke 10:4042 when Martha asks “Lord, don’t you care that my sister has left me to do all the work by myself? Tell her to come and help me!” The Lord answered, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled over so many things, but just one is needed. Mary has chosen the right thing and it will not be taken away from her.”

Yes, at times it is difficult to understand the ways of the Lord, especially for us active people in our service. We experience darkness everytime our plans and our wants are not answered favorably by the Lord. But we have to learn to let go of our own efforts to love and serve the Lord according to our own ideas of what is best and let the Lord take control of our lives.

Yes, in our service and in our walk with the Lord, we encounter hurts and frustrations. At times, the Lord corrects us thru the opposition and criticism of others, but we fail get the message because we are so engrossed with our human nature of hate and unforgiveness. However, the Lord teaches us to have a truly discerning heart. He teaches us to bring our hate and unforgiveness to him through our daily prayer. For once we do this cardinal principle of discernment, the Lord will always speaks to us in peace.

As I reflect on this darkness in my life in relation to my service with the Lord, I recall that there were times when I questioned the Lord as to ‘why me Lord’ or as to ‘why not me Lord’. I fail to understand that the Lord is sending me a message of humility and understanding; that the darkness that we experience is a tool for us to fully discern from our heart the true message of the Lord in our life and in our service.

We may not be chosen in a leadership position in our community today, and yes, we consider it a darkness in our service. But the Lord’s message is very, very clear, “But the one who perseveres to the end wilt be saved” Mt. 24:13… for GOD SAYS, “My child, hear your prayers, If I answer them, it’s because I am increasing your faith, If I delay them, it’s because I am increasing your patience, endurance and perseverance… If I do not answer… wail… I have something better for you….”


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