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Finance / Treasury & Admin

The Brotherhood’s Finance/Treasury & Administration Directorate is headed by the National Treasurer and operates according to financial guidelines set out by the ManCom.  The National Treasurer oversees all financial matters at all levels of the Community and has the authority to review all financial transactions and reports. He manages the administration and financial matters in the National Office, ensures the financial health of the Community, and provides a regular Financial Report to the BCBP Community.  He is responsible for issuing policy guidelines on treasury and financial matters, with the approval of ManCom.  The National Treasurer is accountable to the BCBP President, and he has functional responsibility over the Chapter Treasurers.

The BCBP Finance and Treasury Policy abides by the Christian principle of Stewardship.  Chapter Treasurers and Leaders who are tasked to handle funds at all levels of the community are bound by this principle and are therefore expected to use and manage resources judiciously with utmost honesty. It is their duty to ensure that transparency is practiced at all times.

Tithing is an important discipline of the mature Christian life.  BCBP members, as they grow in the Christian way of life in the BCBP Community, allow the Holy Spirit to give them a Christian outlook on possessions and money and how to manage them wisely.  Regular tithing is part of this and is expected of each member.  It is the community tithes from members that support the life and activities of the Brotherhood, from the chapter level up to, and including, the National Level.

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