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NSC for Mission Bro. Bert Masiclat

Mission life is defined as the external evangelistic arm of the BCBP Community through its network of Chapters whose primary function is to reach out and evangelize the business milieu. The BCBP’s key task is Evangelization.  Evangelization in the BCBP means “Creating disciples of Christ in the businesses and the professions, who bring about a transformation of the marketplace by living out Christian values and practices in their personal and family lives.”

The BCBP is a community of business people and professionals, committed to Christian values, who see and understand themselves as change agents in the market place.  As a community, members are brothers and sisters of one another and thus, share a common way of life and a common mission.  The shared resources and talents of members work together to focus on the BCBP’s evangelization objectives.  As change agents and “apostles in the marketplace” BCBP members, both corporately and individually, act to bring about a change, to make a difference, to be effective witnesses for Christ.

Becoming an agent for change sees each member undergoing a process of continuing personal conversion and formation in the BCBP Way of Life.  Professional excellence in one’s workplace/profession, continuing growth in trustworthiness, competence, justice and integrity enable the BCBP member to have true witness power in carrying out the Mission.  The goal of BCBP evangelization is not just to win individuals for Christ, but to help the evangelized businessmen and professionals become part of a community of committed Christians so that their walk with the Lord can be supported, and so that they will have an environment wherein they can grow and develop as disciples and servants of the Lord.

The main Mission Activities of the Community include: the weekly BCBP Breakfasts, developing outreaches and growing them into chapters, conducting Marketplace Evangelization Programs in government agencies, NGOs and business offices, and the Brotherhood Christian Life Programs (BCLPs).  All these activities and programs serve as venues for recruiting and bringing new members into the Brotherhood as well as expansion of the BCBP’s influence in the business milieu.

Each chapter has its own Mission Team, headed by the Chapter’s Mission Director.  The Team includes the Breakfast Head, BCLP Course Leader, Outreach Coordinator, and Marketplace Evangelization Program (MEP) Head.  The Chapter Head is the prncipal authority on mission work in his chapter, under the direction of the National Service Coordinator for Mission who sees to it that the proper ways and means are observed in identifying and carrying out viable mission programs in areas targetted for evangelization in order to achieve maximum and effective exposure in all business centers in the country and beyond.


Boy August 12, 2016 - 2:41 pm

Hello Sister Mary.

You may try to contact Boy Villanueva boyv51[at]yahoo[dot]com. He is the current Central Visayas Area Managing Director.

Better still, you may try attending one of the BCBP Breakfast Fellowships on Saturdays 7:00am of any of the following BCBP Cebu City based chapters:

BCBP CEBU NORTH City Sports Club, Ayala
BCBP CEBU SOUTH Sacred Heart Ctr., D. Jakosalem
BCBP CEBU CENTRAL Casino Espanol de Cebu
BCBP CEBU EAST Cebu Grand Hotel – Capitol Area

Thank you po.

Sr. Mary Virgo Espineda,rgs August 2, 2016 - 5:44 pm

Good evening sir calleja,

I am a Catholic nun missioned here in Cebu city.
We have centers for girls and women sent preventive services as well as recovery and reintegration programs too.
ONe of our plans is to be able to assist our target women groups in line with micro enterprises.
We need experts from your organization who can give sme formation to our women on leadership and training towards being micro entrepreneurs….

Could you please help me who is the leader or president of bcbp central Cebu for ur future coordination and mission partnership.

Thank you very much.

Sr Mary Virgo Espineda,rgs
program coordinator
Good shepherd after care program

victor sanchez May 24, 2016 - 4:36 am

Good Morning. My name is Victor Sanchez may I inquire on how to join your organization?


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