With the intensification of typhoons, flooding, and other natural calamities, and the resulting requests from members for assistance, BCBP leaders recently released a memorandum detailing the kind of help available from the BCBP’s Calamity Fund. At the same time, donations to the Calamity Fund are encouraged as a way of demonstrating the BCBP’s Core Value of care and concern for one another. We reprint the Memorandum for your guidance and reference.
Date: October 11, 2011
To: All AMDs/ RCDs/ CHs

In view of recent and recurring typhoons and calamities affecting BCBP members and their families, we will adopt basic guidelines including the following actions:


Anytime during the year, monetary donations from BCBP Chapters, groups or individuals, may be deposited directly to the BCBP account involved, specifically:

Bank of the Philippine Islands
C/A # 3561-0451-93.


1. The Calamity Fund Assistance will be extended primarily to BCBP members/families severely and critically affected by a natural calamity or disaster. This may involve severe loss or damage to homes and livelihood, caused by typhoons, floods, fire, or earthquake.

2. The BCBP Chapter Head or RCD involved will be responsible for identifying BCBP members affected as well as facilitate and document the release of the BCBP Calamity Fund Assistance.

3. The BCBP member/ family affected can avail of a maximum of P 5,000 assistance for the specific calamity involved. Assistance will be subject to the availability of funds.

4. The request and release of the BCBP Calamity Fund Assistance must be properly documented or supported to ensure accountability and order.


Process A:
— RCD / CHs identify and list BCBP members/families critically affected by the calamity or disaster.
— RCD & AMD then coordinate with National Leaders/Offc (Pres/PSD/N Treasurer) for urgent / immediate release of specified budget/amount.
— RCD/CH distribute Calamity Fund Assistance accordingly — with proper documentation.

Process B : Individual Request / Documentation
Pls see attached Calamity Fund Assistance Form (available from the BCBP National Office)

Basic Procedure:
1) Applicant Beneficiary to fill up Form
2) Chapter /Outreach Head reviews and recommends (signs Form)
3) RCD / AMD review and approve (sign Form)
4) RCD / AMD release amount – Check or Cash
5) Beneficiary receives amount and signs Form.

BCBP Nat Office to release Fund through AMD / RCD.

Approved for proper Implementation, effective immediately.

NSC PSD/ Joey Avellana
Nat Treasurer/ Art dela Cruz
BCBP President /Larry Veloso

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