Editorial Board and Policy

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Editorial Board

Larry Veloso      email: larry.veloso@bcbp-phil.com
Bobby Atendido      emal: larry.veloso@bcbp-phil.com
Bobby Laviña      email: bobby.lavina@bcbp-phil.com
Joey Avellana      email: joey.avellana@bcbp-phil.com
Art Legarde      email: art.legarde@bcbp-phil.com

Editorial Team

Nancy Catan – Editor-in-Chief      email: nancy.catan@bcbp-phil.com
Ronnie Caballero      email: ronnie.caballero@bcbp-phil.com
Annie Salvador      email: annie.salvador@bcbp-phil.com

KAPATIRAN’s Mission and Vision


The KAPATIRAN Magazine is the official publication of the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals, published in the Philippines. Our Editorial and Business office address is: Unit 216 Comfoods Bldg, Sen. Gil J. Puyat cor Chino Roces Aves., Makati City 1200, Metro Manila, Philippines, with tel n. 819-0052 and fax no. 819-0051.

The KAPATIRAN provides a channel for the flow of INFORMATION from the BCBP national level to BCBP regional, chapter and member levels, and between chapters – and vice versa – to help members keep up-to-date with relevant happenings and policies in the BCBP nationwide. By keeping everyone informed of what and how others are doing, the magazine encourages and provides opportunities for linkages and closer communication. As the official magazine of the BCBP, it also serves a historical purpose since it documents the development of the BCBP over the years.

The KAPATIRAN is a source of INSPIRATION to both members and non-members through its publication of sharings, inspiring articles and features.

The KAPATIRAN serves as a vehicle for the FORMATION of members through its “Back to Basics” articles and other features and teaching articles that highlight important aspects of the BCBP member’s Christian Way of Life. It provides supplemental material to help chapters and outreaches develop powerful talks based on the BCBP formation curriculum, and to stimulate relevant action group discussions and activities.

The KAPATIRAN is designed to help members EVANGELIZE and reach out to others by providing an attractive and interesting, quality nationally-based magazine that espouses BCBP’s mission and values as it introduces the BCBP Way of Life to those interested, to first-timers in the BCBP Breakfasts, or to business friends and associates, making it a valuable tool for evangelizing the marketplace. The magazine’s content also strengthens the BCBP Way of Life for members.

The KAPATIRAN helps UNIFY and HARMONIZE BCBP chapters and outreaches by directing the members’ focus on the BCBP as a recognized national organization, not just a town-based, parish-based, provincial, or regional organization.


Contributions of articles, feature stories, items of general interest are encouraged and shall be subject to editing and selection. We especially welcome life testimonies and sharings of marketplace victories from BCBP members. We also appreciate reader comments and feedback in the form of Letters to the Editor.

All material and pictures submitted, accepted and published become the sole property of the BCBP and may be used as needed by the BCBP. Since the BCBP is a non-profit organization, authors, writers and contributors do not receive any remuneration for their submissions, whether published or not.

Contributions should not exceed 2000 words, with the manuscript indicating source (if any, other than the contributor), author’s name, address, and contact number. BCBP members should indicate their chapter affiliation. If the article comes from a published source, permission to use must be obtained from its original author/source. Anonymous contributions will not be accepted. All material and contributions should be emailed to The Editor at nancy.catan@bcbp-phil.com.

All contributions and material will be edited in terms of content, length and adherence to the BCBP values and BCBP culture. Any opinions expressed in contributed material are the author’s own and are not to be considered official BCBP statements. If major revisions are indicated, the edited version will be returned to the contributor for approval, otherwise it may be deemed acceptable for publication with any necessary minor revisions. All material will be subject to final approval by the KAPATIRAN’s Editorial Board before publication.

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