I am entitling my column “The Manly Challenge” because I have realized over the years that as men, God challenges us in many different ways, and many times in ways that we don’t recognize to be manly challenges – in other words, a challenge to stand up for the things that God wants us to do as men. In my monthly columns I will try to share with you some of my manly challenges.

Writing for the BCBP Portal/Kapatiran is already a MANLY CHALLENGE if you are not used to doing so.

As I begin: Allow me then to introduce and give you a short back ground of myself: I am a Senior Active, 61 years old and an outdoor person – a gentleman farmer, a mountain biker at least twice a week, and recently joined my first 5 Kilometer trail run. A MANLY CHALLENGE to keep fit for His work and my responsibilities in the BCBP!

I am married to Cecilia “Beng” Gozun Pelaez, formerly from Makati and a genuine “Kapangpangan” (loving, serving, and passionate). We are blessed with 3 children and 4 grandchildren. Being married 32 years to the same person you courted for 45 days is a MANLY CHALLENGE.

A recent front page article of a leading national newspaper (Jan.8, 2012) reported: ‘wife sues husband of 40 years for concubinage with her best friend and cohabiting with her in a townhouse jointly owned by the spouses’…”the painful truth is that I married an abuser, a scrooge, an incorrigible philander and worse, a pervert”, says the wife. WOW….”kay sakit!”

“Faithfulness without tenderness is sad. Tenderness without faithfulness is empty.” I quote the priest who officiated at the marriage rites of one of my relatives. The MANLY CHALLENGE here is to be always faithful and try and try, and try again, to be tender in words and deeds to our spouse. Thank you to the BCBP Community that, for 20 years, has been our strategic partner in our Christian Marriage and Family.

Typhoon Sendong can be stressful even for non-victims. My home was converted into a relief center, an evacuation center (for my son, daughter-in-law, 3 grandchildren, 2 helpers, and 2 dogs), and a catering kitchen (twice when we prepared complete meals for 1,100 evacuees). A few days ago, my STREEEEEEEEEEES balloon burst. I scolded a brother for negligence. The MANLY CHALLENGE was to call the following morning and apologize for my barbaric temper. I did. I could feel my brother hurting. The MANLY CHALLENGE on his end was to accept my apology without retaliation or a return of the barbaric temper.

AMD Jong and RCD for NM recommended BCBP Surigao Outreach closure. Past President Larry, Butuan CH Mark, PSD Val, and myself attended the January 3, 2012, Surigao breakfast with PP Larry as the sharer. After the breakfast, we met with the Governance team and old members. The MANLY CHALLENGE was the brotherly firmness of PP Larry in saying that BCBP can no longer support the Surigao Outreach because their 90% single membership does not meet BCBP standards. Effective closure – January 3, 2012.

So, brothers, if we are aware of what God wants from us and respond in faith to his challenges for us to be His Men, His Disciples, I assure you that He will open many doors and windows for you as He has promised.

This ends my column for this month. The MANLY CHALLENGE now facing me is to write again for February 2012.

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Bro. Manny Ruiz July 31, 2012 - 10:52 am

Pls contact us with this no. 09277404482

Bro. Manny Ruiz July 31, 2012 - 10:50 am

To Bong Pelaez, Mancom Chairman
This is Bro. Manny Ruiz, BCBP Chapter head of Tuguegarao City
May we have you on Aug. 25, our Anniversary to be our Guest Sharer. Pls. honor us with your presence.

joe coruna January 21, 2012 - 1:46 am

Congratulations Brother Bong. You have just accepted a “manly challenge” from our dear beautiful sister editor. I’m sure there was no ‘arm-twisting’ when she offered this challenge to you. And i congratulate you again for promising her to give your column every month and i may say it’s a bold act because i am not faithful to this monthly challenge. But she understands me very much as the consultant for the “Senior Moments ” club.
Your column inspires all of us to be always faithful to our spouses; to be faithful to our community; and most of all to be faithful forever to our GOD. God bless!


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