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peter in the stormScripture: Matthew 14:22-33

In this passage we see that Peter’s love is strong but his natural fears overcome him and he begins to sink into the turbulent water. Instead of panicking he call to the Lord for help, trusting in Him. His faith is rewarded as Jesus calmly reaches out to him.

We are often like Peter. Though we believe in the Lord, our fears, influenced by the turbulent world around us, at times overwhelm us. While we want to be close to Jesus, we do not always persevere. Many times we look to ourselves, look down at the mud and stormy waters around us rather than keeping our eyes on the Lord. If we are proud and think we can cross the stormy waters of life on our own, we will sink into self-centeredness, become discouraged, and serve only ourselves.

We need to learn to recognize our need for Jesus and call out: “Save me,” trusting in his saving power and love. Then we can serve his kingdom with the gifts he has given us.

Reflection and Sharing Guidefacing the storms of life

1. Reflect on the major storms that have passed in your life. What was your response to these storms? What was the result?
2. How open are you to the voice of Christ in your daily activities? Do you listen to Him with both mind and heart, or do you listen only to yourself and your own words and feelings?
3. On the scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, how would you rate your present level of trust in God? In what ways do you believe you can improve/strengthen your trust rating?

Adapted from a reflection from Anawim, Nov 18, 2014.

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