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By Nancy R. Catan, BCBP Manila

bcbp groupIf I try to follow the news of happenings here and around the world, my feelings run from being upset, angry, wanting to punch some clarity into those who are distorting events, to wondering what I can do to help the future become brighter and better for my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Several Sundays ago in his column in the Philippine Star Jim Paredes clearly stated these and other concerns. He titled his column: “In the midst of chaos, follow your truth” … as if he had read my mind! He felt that there are many people today existing in a “near catatonic state over what is going on in the world” calling them the “walking wounded, depressed and stunned, living in a feeling of helplessness as the news worsens daily.”

Today’s media enables us to watch the unfolding events of unrest and wars in Syria, the Ukraine, Israel vs Gaza, Iraq, Uganda and even the power-seeking maneuvers of China, North Korea and other Asian countries, including our own Philippines. “One gets the feeling that hardly anything is right in the world.”

In one his recent homilies Pope Francis pointed out that we must remember that people are more important than profits, or one’s pride, or even the posturing of nations and political systems. Francis emphasized that any changes to be made at any level should focus on creating jobs and situations that give people their sense of security and dignity.

We can count on our fingers the few (and I hope that there are many others unnamed) modern day persons who have sought to bring positive and uplifting changes to their respective surroundings: Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Ninoy Aquino, Mother Teresa.

Paredes commented that “the real call of the times is to be steadfast and fight for what we believe in, not to surrender to the forces that are out to disempower us.” Even as these many negative forces work hard to control us, he believes “we can learn something from them. We must work as hard as they do to be able to counter them. … It is a call to do something, to act.”

He ended his column addressing those who feel helpless and saddened by the state of the world: “Do not linger in your helplessness and sadness too long lest you burn your heart to numbness until you cannot feel anything anymore. Do something, anything, to stoke the fire of action in your own little space. … When there are enough voices raised, the world will have to listen and something will be done. This could be our last hurrah.”

This is the Year of the Laity. Our bishops have exhorted us, the Philippine Catholic Laity, to bring glad tidings to the poor, saying that we are “Called to be Saints … Sent Forth as Heroes”. In other words stand up and follow your truth the BCBP way. Do something, anything … do it now.

The Vision and Mission of our community, the BCBP is to change the face of business, to make a difference in the marketplace through our lives, through who we are and what we do. We are a community of business people and professionals committed to living out Christian values and being change agents in the marketplace. We accomplish this through a process of on-going personal conversion, a commitment to professional excellence, community and nation building, practice of justice and integrity, and responsible care for all entrusted to us.

What can we as BCBP members do to spur constructive and positive change? We can attend and participate actively in BCBP activities and encourage others to do the same, we can evangelize and bring friends to the BCBP breakfast. We can carry out our workplace activities with honesty and integrity, as if we were working for Jesus Christ. In everything we do our lives can reflect God’s love and goodness to others.

evangelize share a smileAs an individual person what can you do? Anything that will bring a smile to another’s face. Whatever little you can do to share God’s goodness with someone else. Plant trees and nurture them. Bond with family members to strengthen this basic unit of our society. Talk to or write to those in authority and voice out your concerns. Share your unused clothing with evacuees from the storms of life. Create employment, begin a home business.

And pray for peace – peace in your heart and your life, peace in your community, in our country, and in the other war-torn areas around the world. Pray, pray, and pray some more. God listens and somehow, sometime He will answer our heart’s desires. Never doubt this truth!

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