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I got to read the scriptural readings for the day and write my article at the airport……probably because I had the time without the distractions. The Gospel for today (9/12/13) Luke 6:39 on the parable of Jesus tells us that “No disciple is superior to the teacher, but when fully trained, every disciple will be like his teacher.”

As I reflected on the Gospel reading, Fr.Herb came into my mind as the BCBP’s ONE and ONLY OFFICIAL BCBP teacher. As a student of Fr. Herb for more than a decade (September 1999 NLR as CH in training), I give myself a score of 4 out of the high score of 10.


I was blessed to be Fr.Herb’s driver in his recent 3 day visit to CdO for a coffee table book launch “Jesuits in Mindanao, the Mission.” The PJAA (Philippine Jesuits Aid Association) is the recipient of the book sales (Php 5,000 each in hard bound, high definition colors, and printed in Singapore). The program intends to finance the aging Jesuits, the Jesuits’ mission schools, and scholastics studying to become Jesuits. I would highly recommend to the BCBP brothers specially to those educated by the Jesuits to buy one from PJAA Executive Director Fr. Herb Schneider.
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Let me give you a little backgrounder on Fr. Herb. As a Jesuit Scholastic Herb Schneider was assigned at the Ateneo de Cagayan (de Oro). He travelled the graveled roads of Bukidnon, and traversed the 3 treacherous canyons (“bukids” and more “bukids”). One bridge was even called “Kamatayan” resulting in many deaths due to its defective lay out.

Along with other brave Jesuits, young Herb visited the Jesuit Mission Schools for the lumads (natives and indigenous tribe) in far flung and remote areas. The trip alone was back breaking in a 4×4 Jeep (hard ride). It was luxury to arrive in the 4 hour (6 to 10PM) of electricity provided by a genset, to relax in the chilling weather of Mount Kitanglad with a freshly toasted and grounded Arabica coffee.

BACK TO 2013

I make it my personal goal to “pick the brain” of our ONE and ONLY Fr. Herb. Why do I give myself the low score of 4???? This month of September, President Manny, Fr.Herb and I had exchanges of e-Mails on certain issues:

ISSUE #1 On The Iligan City Casino Issue

My definition based on my readings – Catechism of the Catholic Church (1994, Episcopal Commission on Catechism and Catholic Education of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines/Word of Life Publications) page 539, Chapter 2 – “You shall Love Your neighbor as Yourself”, Reference 2413 – “Games of Chance (card games, etc.) or wagers are not in themselves contrary to justice. They become morally unacceptable when they deprive someone of what is necessary to provide for his needs and those of others. The passion for gambling risks become an enslavement. Unfair wagers and cheating at games constitute grave matter, unless the demand inflicted is so slight that the one who suffers it cannot reasonably consider it significant.”

My personal/businessman point of view: Gambling per se is not bad as long as you provide the needs – food, clothing, shelter, education….of the family, of the people entrusted to you AND budget only your excess fund for gambling. It helps the tourism industry bring in the tourists and their money.

I feel that Games of Chance refer to the individual’s choice. It does not refer to a group’s stand on the issue (e.g. BCBP) or to an entity engaged in gambling (e.g.PAGCOR).

Fr.Herb’s View: “We have to look at the moral issue also.” He will provide the Board of Trustees and ManCom his views.

ISSUE # 2 – Is BCBP a covenanted community?

My personal view: BCBP is a transparochial and a non-covenanted Christian community: TRANSPAROCHIAL in that it is not parish based, and BCBP is a Christian Community dominantly Catholic. BCBP is a non-covenanted community – members make the decision and choice and not the leaders.

Fr.Herb’s Answer
Bong, review your BCBP COMMITMENT CARD. The front cover says: COVENANT OF THE BROTHERHOOD OF CHRISTIAN BUSINESSMEN AND PROFESSIONALS. The last cover of the Commitment Card says:
” May our Lord Jesus Christ help me to live the COVENANT of the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals more fully everyday for His greater and honor and glory, and for the good of my brothers and sisters.”


My self score of 4 is still far from being fully trained from Fr. Herb’s score of 10 as our BCBP teacher. I am humbled by the wisdom of Fr. Herb and I appreciate his patience in molding me the way our Lord wants me to be his disciple and servant leader.

BCBP is so blessed that for 33 years, Fr. Herb has always made himself available for the yearly National Leaders Retreat.

I can say over and over again that BCBP’s ONE and ONLY mentor is Fr. Herb.

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TEODORO GAYO JR. September 25, 2013 - 4:29 am

Thank you father Herb for being one of those who responded to offer their lives to the mission, so that others may come to know and Serve the Lord. I have known him, Mike Joseph, Bo Sanhez, Rogel Plata(the late), Jake Yap, Raoul Roncal etc. (when I joined CYA) since 1992 being part of the covenanted community in lgaya ng Panginoon community.

I believe, in my view being an ordinary christian, Fr. Herb will definitely adhere with the “modern” stand of the CBCP on gambling. That it is against all forms of gambling issued on June 3 2005.… That the Cathecisim on Catholic Church on game of chance might have been made for the faithful way way back when the vast moral, spiritual and economic effects of gambling especially CASINO are not yet felt and did not yet affected the community.

Fr. Herb, we are eagerly awaiting for your official views to be given to the BOT and Mancom and hopefully, be made available for the BCBP members for information.

Michael P. Magsalin September 16, 2013 - 2:28 pm

I’ve asked about the difference between covenanted and non-covenanted community of several people and got this answer from Nancy Catan: “My understanding is that in a covenanted community, all your decisions and actions are discerned together with the elders of the community or your group leader. And you are bound by this discernment. The community covenant bond is an oath to obey community rules, etc. Making a commitment is still binding on our part, but it is not as binding as a covenant. We make our commitment and it is our personal decision, our AGM, UL, or CH may not make the commitment or any decision for us, we still have to make our own decisions. This is my unofficial understanding. However I believe that if one makes a commitment to God, then they are bound by that commitment in God’s eyes… difference lies in the degree of pastoral care and pastoral authority.”

minerva lunas penetrante-aringo September 16, 2013 - 12:54 pm

you inspired a lot of people in the bcbp.,keep it up.


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