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“The reign of God is at hand. … The gift you have received, give as a gift.” Matthew 10: 7,8b
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In this gospel passage, Matt. 10:7-13, Jesus gives us guidelines on what to do and how to live. What to do? “The gift you have received, give as a gift.”

What is this gift? It is the gift of the Holy Spirit himself. We cannot exactly give the Spirit to others, for he is the Gift of the Father and the Son, but we can make a gift of what we have received by putting into practice the virtues that the Spirit has given us, especially faith, hope, and love. We do not need to fear that we will be at a loss if we give what we have, for we have received all we need to do the work we are being sent out to do – and we have even been marvelously strengthened in all these gifts by the Sacraments and by the Baptism of the Holy Spirit during our BCLP. And we continue to be nourished and encouraged by our brothers and sisters in the BCBP Community.

We are the ‘workmen’ of the Lord, his laborers in the harvest, His hands and feet in our workplace, in the marketplace. The spirit of Jesus’ instruction is that there is no need for us to be so preoccupied with providing for ourselves to the extent we may forget to nourish the gifts we have received from Him, He himself will care for us.

Our joyful fidelity to our own vocation, when we ourselves are truly “filled with the Holy Spirit and faith,” is one of the best ways to encourage others to be faithful. When we live Holy Spirit-filled lives – in family, workplace, community, we are sharing His love and grace with everyone around us. When we “give as a gift” the faith and love that we have freely received, we do our part in fostering the growth of the kingdom of God.

Discussion/Sharing Guide

1. At what point in your life, do you remember receiving the gift of faith? What happened? How did you respond?

2. Do others find your words and actions to be paths of evangelization? Share with the members of your Action Group and ask their feedback.

3. Are you an instrument of encouragement, faith, hope, and love, or an instrument of discouragement and doubt to others?

Reference Source: Anawim, June 11, 2014, Reflection

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