by BCBP Editor

By Jose Michael Wong, BCBP Dipolog
Sharing during NAC35, May 1, 2015

“A good boy with bad habits”, that’s how I would describe myself growing up. While I was still in High School, my parents started teaching me the ways in managing our family copra business. I was exposed to money at an early age.

It was also in my teenage years, having been influenced by my barkada, that I learned a lot of vices. Later on, I got hooked into gambling, having been exposed as well to big-time cockfighting derbies. I soon incurred big losses, and became heavily indebted.

I reached a point when I held a gun to my head, and thought of taking my life, but by God’s grace, I realized that was not the answer.

vlcsnap-2015-05-07-15h44m32s893At the age of 25, I entered politics. I was still single when I joined BCBP, but my vices and bad habits remained the same. The real turning point was when I married my wife Lalai and invited her to join BCBP. Our family’s copra business incurred big losses and was in the verge of bankruptcy. I assumed it, including all our accounts payable.

It was also during this time that my wife and I became active in BCBP, despite all our financial challenges. When faced with the dilemma of attending to pressing business concerns as against attending BCBP activities, we always preferred to go to BCBP activities.

God continued to pour out his blessings when the copra business that we assumed prospered. When I became the vice mayor, I actively invited my constituents from my Municipality to join BCBP. I decided to use more of my time and resources for the service of God.

When I lost the mayoralty race, I decided to continue to devote my time to the BCBP community. I offered my BCBP guesthouse to accommodate breakfast sharers and my BCBP van for mission. Last year, I was installed as chapter head of Dipolog city. Attending National Convention before, was not our priority, but after our first attendance in Legaspi City and letting God manage our business, we have attended 12 consecutive anniversaries without fail.

As a businessman, I make sure that all our business dealings are honest and free of any wrongdoings. There are many ways that a businessman can be dishonest. But, as a Servant Leader, I have to practice what I preach. So, for our copra business, I bought an electronic weighing scale to make sure that we give accurate weights to our customers. Whereas before, I used to deliver our copra in mixed quality, and bribed the samplers, so we could get more profit. This dishonest scheme has been stopped.

There was a time, when I was even the one who reminded one of our copra dealers that I owe them 300t. They weren’t charging me anymore because they said they have no record of my cash advance Still, I insisted on settling the debt.

In another instance, I was paid double for copra sales amounting to half a million pesos, but I disclosed the error to the buyer and returned the extra payment he gave us.

The fulfillment of dealing with business transactions in the most honest way is far more important than any profit. We have an omniscient God who sees everything that we do and rewards us with the highest eternal rewards!

Now, in every business dealing I have, I make sure that it must be an honest one. It is a great joy to witness how God transforms lives through the BCBP, and how we can all be instruments in bringing Christ to others.

Brothers and sisters, the time is now. Let us Be Brave, Be Bold!

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