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By Bro Mario “Mayong” Rodriguez, BCBP Ormoc

In October 1995, BCBP brought the Breakfast fellowship to Ormoc. But Saturday was my tennis time. After some arguments Janet had to go alone. I did take time and took stock of my life. I had a good life. I knew that I didn’t really thank God for all the blessings but I thought my wife could do it for me. Also I considered myself a good catholic. I never intentionally hurt anybody and I was a regular church go’er. However the breakfast affected Janet so much that there was no way she would let me miss the second one 2 weeks later.

rodriguez-mayong-2-255x300Since I was adamant in not going, Janet turned to the most influential person in my life – my Mom, as I lost my dad quite early in life – and so with the 2 of them ganging up on me I went though I was very sure that I would attend only one breakfast and that’s it. One breakfast. . . but 19 years down the road I am still here attending breakfast and now even sharing my life as well. It has indeed changed my life forever . . .Why? Because God knocked on my door a little harder that morning. In the Book of JOHN He says, “It was not you who chose me, but I who chose you.” And I said, “Lord, here I am.”

So today I live a busy and very challenging life. My government service takes most of my weekdays while the BCBP takes many of my weekends. In between I juggle my time for my other commitments – to the parish, to the 3 foundations, to my wife and family who are very important to me, to my medical practice (though now it is mostly ‘gratis’ ) and of course to myself as I try to keep my mornings open for tennis – I love the game, I enjoy the company and most importantly I need the exercise. . . .

God has seen to it that I have the time and focus to do all these activities while serving Him as a doctor, city councilor, multi-business investor and as a BCBP servant as CH, RCD, AMD/Mancom & BOT.

Our God is never done with us while we are on this earth. My relationship with my God is still a struggle and I know now that the struggle will continue throughout this life. I still fall very often. There are times when my prayer and scripture time are just a blur with no real meaning but I struggle on. God has made me realize through the Brotherhood that a Christian life is not just a circle where one ends up in the same point where he started. A Christian life should be a spiral where every year one goes up to a higher level of relationship with His creator, a continuous process of conversion. I believe that since joining the BCBP16 years ago I have grown to a higher level in my personal relationship with my God. I am now more attuned to His whispers.

Now I know for sure that my God will always be there with me and for me no matter what happens. But whatever comes my way I will accept and say again, “Lord, here I am” because I know He intends to use all these life experiences, both good and bad, to strengthen me in this journey and make me grow in Him.

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