Going Global With BCBP TV

by BCBP Editor

As we move forward with our mission of bringing Christ to the marketplace and winning the marketplace for Christ, the BCBP embraces new platforms and technologies available for evangelization. People nowadays consume a lot of content online and video is the most preferred content format.

BCBP TV will be the video platform of the community on Youtube, the most popular video sharing platform.

To be launched at the first BCBP Global Breakfast on June 13, BCBP TV will house quality video content that will cater to both members and non-members.

Currently, BCBP TV has Spirit-lifting Music which members can use for their online AGMs, Lord’s Day celebrations, Breakfasts, and Assemblies. Short Stories feature inspirational sharings by members. Come Have Breakfasts present various reasons why people look forward to attending the breakfast. In the coming months, Business Perspectives and Experiences by Entrepreneurs and Professionals and memorable activities of different directorates will be featured.

BCBP TV provides us with the opportunity to digitalize our knowledge base produced on video and make these available on a restricted basis such as the Formation tracks and IBT talks. Major BCBP events such as the NACs will be streamed through BCBP TV.

More importantly, BCBP TV allows the community to go global with relevant and meaningful video content available on demand for people in any continent.

BCBP TV is a brainchild of some brothers from South Metro Manila Region 2.

We encourage all members to subscribe now to BCBP TV on Youtube.

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