Greetings! The Website is such a great evangelization tool in itself! Thank God! Just want to check on the ff: 1. Can’t seem to find the “search” icon on the home page. 2. Some info is missing, is the site under maintenance at the moment?
Once again, thanks a lot for setting up the BCBP website. It is a great way to communicate, read testimonies and keep posted on developments of BCBP in all areas. It feels good to learn about events of BCBP in the Philippines, especially now that I am in a foreign land. –Lib Madamba, Formation-BCBP SoCal

So glad you like the new look of the website! Yes, it is still under construction but should be all okay by the first week or so of September. As of now, we don’t have a “search” icon for the simple reason that we want our ‘visitors’ to search for themselves, and by that, learn how to navigate the website and find its treasures for themselves.
We encourage you to send in news, personal testimonies/sharings of members focusing on their marketplace victories, interesting articles and features, interviews and profiles of members and leaders in the BCBP for editing and selection for posting on the BCBP Portal. We depend on the BCBP Community to keep us updated and to help us continually improve our Community Portal. -Nancy R. CAtan, Portal Editor [8-26-09]

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shark miranda August 30, 2009 - 1:26 pm

it took me quite a time to come back because i had difficult time in logging in. i don’t know what was wrong but in order to log in, i have to register again using different data….i don’t know if it is possible but am looking forward to a time that we could chat with other members as we log in. parang quasifacebook.


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