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By: Gail D. Tadle

”Just come to me with what you have…And I’ll fill in what is lacking”. What a fitting theme to celebrate BCBP Masbate Outreach 2nd anniversary. Equipped only with a heart-filled passion for mission & abundant faith in God’s Divine Providence, BCBP Cebu Central embarked on this journey two years ago. Not mindful of the inconvenience of having to frequently travel to the a rea by a 12-hour boat ride or tension in the political situation, as well as unwelcoming pressure from other religious factions, they still braved the challenge in bringing Christ to the marketplace for the sake of the Lord’s work. As the disciples did during the time of Jesus, they cast out their nets onto the waters toward Masbate. Two BCLP’s later, on the 16th of August 2014, from this small group’s effort came 37 very committed members led by their very enthusiastic Outreach Head Dr. Nonoy & wife Gie Legaspi. Indeed the Lord filled in what was lacking in them after they offered everything they had.
We started off the day with the traditional BCBP breakfast as we listened to the heartwarming sharing from our National Treasurer, Bro Rey & Sis Evelyn Feria. We were all inspired by their struggles and victories as they related to us how the Lord has worked in their lives. They even posted this question to everyone that “if your life is to be written into a book, will you allow your children to read every chapter?”. Initially, their response was a resounding NO but after the Lord has unfolded the victories they experienced in spite of the difficulties, they begun to realize that God has a purpose for everything… to bring them closer to him. With much thought, they recounted and answered “Yes, wholeheartedly”.

The breakfast was followed by the launching of the Be Honest Advocacy. After Bro Alan Larot had explained the objectives of the advocacy, we proceeded with the motorcade and passed through the commercial areas and busy streets of Masbate with resounding instruments of the school band, proclaiming our Advocacy Campaign of “Be Honest”. We see our streamers put up in strategic parts of the city and private establishments. But what truly inspired us was seeing the support of young students in streets from different schools who waited for hours to see the motorcade, smiling and waving their flags chanting “Be Honest”. During the official unveiling of our Be Honest Streamer, our BCBP President, Bro Manny Jimenez encouraged everyone to put the Be Honest slogan in their hearts. He stressed that we are history in the making and how proud we all should be to be a part of it. Indeed, we are.

Kaye Revil, the wife of our Mission Director/Vice Governor of Masbate wrote and I quote “Be Honest even if others are not, even if others cannot and even if others will not… “Others” begin with Ourselves. We ask you Father God, to grant us the courage and strength to live honest lives that give You glory!

Happy 2nd Year Anniversary BCBP Masbate Outreach! Thank you so much to our brothers & sisters of BCBP Cebu Central for all your love for us! To the BCBP National Officers & guests from the different chapters all over the country who are here in Masbate, headed by Pres. Manny Jimenez, thank you for the continuous support. We are truly blessed by your presence. God bless bbbbbbyou all even more!” end of quote.

After a sumptuous lunch, the Masbate Outreach & Cebu Central Leaders have an opportunity to have a meeting with the Regional and National Leaders; Bro. Boy Villanueva – Cebu Regional Council Director, Bro. Benjie Santiago – Bicol Regional Council Director, and Bro. Manny Jimenez – BCBP President. They shared their affirmation on the ongoing work and inspired the Masbate leaders to turn Masbate Outreach into a Chapter very soon. They signified the support of Cebu Region, Bicol Region, and the National Leadership in this endeavor. The enthusiasm and drive of the Masbate leaders was very evident when the meeting ended.

The third part of the Anniversary Celebration was the Eucharistic Celebration and Fellowship Night. No less than Bishop Jose Bantolo of Masbate, celebrated the thanksgiving mass. In his Homily, he exhorted the members, “offer to the Lord whatever they have and be surprised at how God will multiply it. Always experience the joy of the gospel as we continue to pray and serve.” And as our spirits were filled with the Good News of our Lord, we later had a grand evening as we fellowshipped with brothers and sisters. The occasion was highlighted by the inspirational message of Bro Manny Jimenez and Bro Boy Villanueva. Both had reiterated to keep up the good work and aspire for Masbate Outreach to become a Chapter. Several games as well as lively performances were presented, much to the joy and amazement of our guests. Our beloved Masbate Outreach Head, Bro Doc Noy, gave the closing remarks and signaled the start of the second portion of the evening. The celebration went on through the night at the Greenview Hotel Compound, the singing and dancing resonates not only of joyful camaraderie but of what our Gracious Lord has filled our hearts & lives. We gave Him what we had, and He filled us with all that we need…His Awesome Grace and Magnificent Power that transcends all things. As the psalmist wrote, “Unless the Lord build the house, they labor in vain who build” (Psalm 127:1). No matter how hard we work and plan, it’s only the grace of the Lord that will change people’s hearts. So let us commit ourselves to pray every day for our mission in Masbate, so that every step of their journey, they will know that God’s grace and blessing is on their efforts as well as ours.

To God be the Glory!

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