We, the members of the BCBP, Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals, greet you on your birthday today, March 25, with praise and thanksgiving to our Lord God for your utmost dedication to your commitment to the BCBP. From the early years of the 1980’s you have persevered in your vision of bringing businessmen and professionals closer to Christ while, at the same time, bringing the marketplace to Him. You, Fr Herb Schneider, S.J., are a true inspiration and brother to all of us. May God give you many more years of inspired service in His vineyard and in the BCBP.

We dedicate this poem to you with our love and in heartfelt gratitude for the innumerable blessings we in the BCBP have received and are continuing to receive from God through you.

Measure Your Lifetime in Blessings

Measure your lifetime in blessings,
Not in the years you have known…
Count up the number of people you’ve touched,
Add up the love you have shown…

Measure your days in the gladness
That you and the BCBP have shared…
Tally the smiles on the faces of friends,
Total the times you have cared…

Yes, measure your lifetime in blessings,
And you’ll always remain in your prime—
For youth is a feeling you keep in your heart
Whether seven or seventy-nine.
Larry Sandman

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Benjy & Beni Santiago March 27, 2011 - 3:00 pm

Happy Birthday Fr Herb! You are God’s wonderful gift to BCBP. Your commitment to the Mission and Vision of BCBP is worth emulating. May God’s abundance be with you always.


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