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evangelism work and witnessBCBP KAPATIRAN, the national website of the BCBP, has posted a total of 31 items during the month of July. Have you read them all? In case you missed a few, we are listing them here by category. To access an article, go to the KAPATIRAN HomePage, just click on the category and select which one you would like to read. The ones listed herein are for the month of July only; from 20-30 articles are posted every month for your information and BCBP growth. Sharing these posts with your family and friends is one effective and simple way of evangelizing, spreading the good news of Jesus, the BCBP Community and the Way of Life.

>BCBP SMMR Holds Singles Retreatsmmr singles retreat
>“Awa, Unawa, Gawa” – PCNE3
>1st BCLP Held in Jakarta

>Being Mercified – My PCNE3 Experience – Nancy Catan, BCBP Manila
>Mercy in the Marketplace in the Context of BCBP’s Mission and Vision – Joey Avellana, BCBP President
>IQ and EQ Are Not Enough, You Need AQ, Too
>Company Core Values: Why Have Them, How to Define Them

>Bong Pelaez, BCBP Cagayan de Oro: Putting My Core Value of Mercy into Actionpcne 3 BCBP sharers
>Tito Serafica, BCBP Makati: An OJT Servant’s Tale: God’s Mercy in Time of Feast and Famine

>A Different Kind of Fatherhood for All Men
>Bible Study Should Be A Family Habit

>Francis Advises Youth: Build Bridges, Not Wells
>Don’t Just Speak, Act with Mercy!
>The Smile Virus

GROWING BEYOND – This slider contains the posts of Formation, Action Group Discussion, Bible Sharing, and Back to Basics articles and materials to help in BCBP members’ growth.
>The Secret of Jesus’ Prayer: “Father”
>Transformation: Pasting Wings on a Worm Will Not Make a Butterflybible on love
>Hearing the Voice of God: 7 Basic Keys + 2
>There Is No Unimportant Piece
>God Speaks on the Reality of Love

>Five Life Lessons – Nancy Catan, BCBP Manila
>Stop Overtaking – Danny Silbor, BCBP Makati

QUIZ: Great Bible Questions

Q & A:
>What is the Difference Between Optimism and Hope?
>Social Justice: Where Do We Begin?social justice

VIDEO: BCBP Breakfast Invitation Video
INTERNATIONAL MISSIONS: Breakfast Invitations for Jakarta and Bangkok
BCBP WEEK IN PIX: Featuring July 15-23 – Bulacan North, Greenhills, San Fernando LU and Laoag
BIRTHDAYS: July – August
NEWSLETTERS: 3 Newsletters from Singapore BCBP
BREAKFAST DIRECTORY: This contains a complete listing of all BCBP breakfasts held nationwide and their venues.

NAC36: For your information, there are 16 posts of sharings, articles and news featuring NAC36 2016 in the NAC36 slider. We are reminding you through these talks and testimonies to keep the NAC36 slogan alive in you and your BCBP chapter: Go Forth and Set the World on Fire!

call for articlesAt the end of every post, there is a space provided for Comments and Feedback. Your comments will help the Editorial Team in its continuing evaluation of the relevance of the different sections. We also appreciate your suggestions as to what other things you would like to see published on the HomePage.

The Team welcomes news of your chapter/regional events and activities (of course with a few pictures, too), chapter newsletters, copies of breakfast testimonies (we will take care of the editing), and any other articles you believe will be of interest to BCBP members. Send materials either to the KAPATIRAN c/o BCBP National Office, or to the KAPATIRAN editor Nancy Catan, email address: jane.russetan@yahoo.com. Thank you.

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