Thanks to Ms. Solita Monsod, her “Honor and Excellence” talk before her UP Class inspired many, including me. How aptly she vocalized my own challenge to the new electrical engineers taking their oath today, Nov. 6, 2010. And how every speaker during the event hit the same point – we are in dire need and in dire want of transformation in our marketplace — Honor first ahead of Excellence.

I have dedicated much of myself to the electrical industry, my chosen profession. It has provided me with sources of livelihood for my family, recognition of my contributions, and fulfillment as a professional . And I am still getting excited in this flourishing career-profession by the ever-changing and developing technology. Now that I am given this distinct task as member of the Board of Electrical Engineering of the Professional Regulation Commission, it is my payback time to the industry and to the God who gave it all.

This is my message to you, my fellow new electrical engineers.

To the new electrical engineers, keep Honor and Excellence as your vision and mission, but Honor first before Excellence. Young and raring to make it big, I know that you have just emerged from the long and agonizing academic process, so excellence is your aim. That’s good because the market is very competitive and you have to find your niche.
When I was a new engineer in this industry some years ago, the competition made me very uneasy. However, it was good because it kept me striving to be the best… in terms of mileage in resources, in experience, in fulfillment … and kept me from resting on my laurels. The learning, the struggling, the competition are unstoppable and continue as long as you live.

But what has kept me from being consumed by the harsh environment – the crab mentality, power play and the materialistic marketplace, has been and is my anchor on God. “I am sending you as sheep among wolves,” Scripture declares. Integrity, hard work, commitment, honesty, faith. Let these be the values that we should espouse in our work, as we live by them, as our parents have raised us by. No tweaks, no next time, this should be here and now. Penetrate the marketplace with a solid rock, the Rock that is the Word of the Lord. This industry is rich in resources and also rich in opportunities to do good and to do evil. Choose to do the good.

I say, “Be honest even if others are not, even if others will not, and even if others cannot.” You will not be alone in this crusade for Honor and Excellence. Everybody dreams of a better world but only those who persevere in doing good will prevail. Let us be good stewards of the gift of God – the gift of our profession.
Bro. Francis V. Mapile gave this inspirational talk during the oath taking of the new electrical engineers November 6, 2010. He adds: And this message also goes out to the other electrical engineers (and other professional engineers) regardless of whether they are ‘new’ or ‘old’. .. Honor and Excellence are best anchored on the Rock!

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Wennie January 31, 2012 - 8:10 am

Bro Francis, Sir, keep up the good work with the Lord, our Rock! Without Him, we cannot really do anything good in His sight. Yes, we always need to be anchored on Him. God bless always!


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