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How to Unlock Value of Best People.happy employees
By Oleg Vishnepolsky, Global CTO at DailyMail Online and

Everyone knows that happy employees are more productive. Not everyone knows how much. In some professions the difference can be 10 fold.

This is what managers can do if they are not doing it already:

–Accept that employees know more than you do. In modern day and age it is impossible to know everything. Empowering people who know more than we do is the real answer.
–Stop calling and treating employees as “resources”. People are colleagues and team members, not dehumanized resources and commodities.
–Make recognition of accomplishments real. Thanks are due when thanks are due. But the scale of the reward should meet the scale of the accomplishment. Stop recognizing and rewarding wrong people.
–Money is not everything, however People should be paid what they deserve.
–Stop managing up: e.g. switching priorities, useless meetings and red tape
–Integrity – It is better to lose doing the right thing, than to win doing the wrong thing.
–Let them do things properly. A wood cutter is busy cutting trees, day in and out. A passer-by says why don’t you sharpen you saw? The wood cutter says I do NOT have time to sharpen my saw, my boss keeps me too busy.

Find the right perspective:

-He sees a shadow, you see a light that casts it.
-He sees the night, you see the moon.
-He sees a corporation, you see people who make it thrive.
-He sees millennials, you see our bright future.
-He sees success, you see a journey.
-He sees you, a stranger. You see him, your future friend.

—To bring it all together: Happy employees can be found working for managers who are thoughtful and knowledgeable, fearless and kind, grateful and confident, honest and passionate.

Best people work for caring leaders.

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