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By Bong Pelaez, BCBP Cagayan de Oro

October 31, 10:20AM, ICU Makati Medical Center:
I had my angiogram followed by an angioplasty with one stent placed on one of the heart vessels functioning only 20% or 80% blocked!

Note: Angioplasty is only performed when the vessel is only 30% functioning or 70% blocked.

A Balanced Life


I have always advocated to my family and staff to maintain a balanced life, a moderation of our being:
– Body (30%)
– Mind (30%)
– Spirit (40%).

“More work = More Exercise” – This was my own Malpractice without consulting my doctor.
My work responsibilities increased when my older brother was diagnosed last year with 4th stage brain tumor so I compensated for the stresssss with 4 to 6s round of boxing with a trainer and riding the trail motorcycle in inspecting the tree plantation using trail paths.

A month ago, I already had an “anxiety attack” early morning (1-2AM). The frequency increased every time I was rested and ready to sleep. The explanation of my doctor was that when I am bodily rested, the pump and the flow of the blood is less in the blocked vessel causing the discomfort and shortness of breath.

GOD LOVES ME…I was a walking “time bomb” as I review my activities:

September 28 – My grandson and I joined Mapawa Trail Run 101, a one hour clinic seminar on preparing oneself and the do’s and don’ts followed by a 5.5Km trail run with my grandson in preparation for the 11km mountain trail run.

October 2 – BOT Meeting

October 3 to 5 – National Leaders Retreat at Tagaytay. Every 5AM – managed to walk/run from Phinma to Tagaytay proper 5 kms and decided to take tricycle back to Phinma.

October 8 to 10 – CDO to Cebu to Ormoc City by fast craft (3 hours) and vice versa to be with my BCBP Ormoc relatives.

October 18 to 20 – BCBP Lucena couple sharers. Saturday, the 18th, 2-3AM – anxiety attack. 8PM to 12MN -Fundador brandy “tagay” with BCBP Lucena brothers. Thank God, it’s not Lambanog! Sunday afternoon Flight to CDO was cancelled due to Laguindingan (CdO) Airport sunset limitation aka no navigational instrument installed….your safety depends on the pilots visual judgement. The Monday special flight was moved to 4AM the following day…front desk waking you up 11PM to tell you that there will be a wake up call at 1AM!

October 24 – my CDO Cardio stress test on stage 2 showed a serious heart block. My doctor discontinued the stress test and advised me to have an angiogram.

October 25 – 2AM wake up call for Mapawa Trail Run 42K – 22K – 11K. I decided to cancell my joining with my grandson for the 11K trail run… Thank you Lord for not calling me to report to you.
October 30 – checked in at Makati Medical Center, Rm826. 11PM – manifestation of “anxiety” attack more pronounced.

October 31 – 7:30-8:30AM Angiogram followed by angioplasty! Thank you Lord for the new lease on my life and repairing it back to 40 years old.

November 1 – 11AM checked out of the hospital and am staying at my sister’s house at Alabang for a week.


I am not Superman nor Batman nor Spider-Man. BUT a BCBP member.
I am 64 years old married to BENGIE, a bubbly and my partner in life for 35 years!

Most important to me:
Lord I offer my life to you
Use it for your glory
Lord I offer my days to you
Lifting my praise to you
As a pleasing sacrifice
Lord, I offer you my life
(By Don Moen)


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Jimi J November 12, 2014 - 5:03 pm

The Almighty God who is in you is much greater than any superhero who is in the world. Keep on trusting and believing that something best is still in store for you… get well soon & God bless. Jimi & Jane


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