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By Bro ChuChu Gutierrez, BCBP Quezon City North
Mini Sharing during NAC 37, Cagayan de Oro

Being a middle child with an introvert personality, my source of livelihood has been a constant struggle. And with this, I became hard on my workers.
I would make sure I would get from them every centavo worth of their salary.

Since earning a living has been my top priority, I ventured into different businesses. But these were merely for financial gains, and not something I enjoyed doing. Eventually, these businesses failed.

chuchu2So I prayed to God to give me something that would provide for my family, something that I would find pleasure in doing. He led me into Landscaping, which is not only self-gratifying but also financially rewarding. Despite that, I still continued to be hard on my workers and prioritized my business above all things.

When I attended the BCLP, Brotherhood Christian Life Program, my primary intention was just to get clients. But things changed as I went through the course. I started showing empathy and understanding to my workers, to their weaknesses and to their financial needs.

Because of the honest business practices I learned in BCBP, I have earned the trust of my clients. Some would even convince me to do renovation works in their respective houses because they trusted me. At this point, I have learned to share “that trust” to others. I started sharing some contracts with my brothers in the community to help those who needed additional sources of income.

Since the time my wife & I committed to the BCBP in 1996, we have never stopped serving the community, wherever and whenever needed. With Landscaping as our business, I can adjust my work schedule to our BCBP service schedule. For us, God comes first. I have learned to completely trust the Lord. With or without contracts, the Lord has faithfully provided for us.

Now, He has given me a more rewarding source of income that will yield treasures in heaven – my services in the BCBP, an opportunity to serve the Lord.


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