Congratulations to the brothers and sisters behind this website, now we are connected and updated of what is happening in the BCBP Community. Maraming Salamat po, thank you very much, Sukhran….
As mentioned by Bro. Ronnie, may i take this liberty to suggest from as
far as UAE a new column in this website. It was a reflection during
my usual Eucharistic celebration, maybe i can suggest a column that will give us inspiration within our community….i like to call it “Around
the World of FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE……siguro you all can brainstorm
this reflection of mine, looking forward to reading this column soon. we also can encourage our young members to share ……no boundaries…WE ARE ONE…..(am sure we have a lot of brothers and sisters around the world wanting to BELONG….
thank you very much, i love you all Aggie Zaballero, BCBP Makati (i just need to be connected)

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