Editorial: Patience by Nancy R. Catan

Anniversary Message by Fr. Herb Schneider, SJ

Listen, Watch, Wait, and Be Ready to Encounter the Lord by Larry Veloso, BCBP President

Sharing: Be Not Afraid by Froilan Tampinco, BCBP Baguio

Sharing: Honesty Begins At Home by Eduardo F. Pelaez, RCD N. Mindanao

Sharing: The Blessings of an Honest Life by Jourdan Polotan, BCBP Cebu

Anniversary Snippets and Pictures

We Were Blessed Because We Came by Ronnie Caballero, BCBP Mkti

A Personal View of BCBP Spirituality by Bobby A. Atendido, BOT Chairman

Our BCBP Spirituality by Fr. Herb Schneider, SJ

BCBP’s 2008 Audited Financial Statements

Breakfast Venues

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