By Lilli G. Morales, BCBP Alabang

For all the years that passed me by, I had the mistaken notion that I had made it – not through some connections or attached strings, but because of my own best judgment and foreknowledge of good things and big opportunities in store for me.

For a couple of times friends and colleagues came to me for consultations or advice, and I responded to their enquiries with open-mindedness and perceptive concepts. Of course, they appreciated my bits and pieces of advice and for this I was exhilarated. Successes came one after the other and during all those times the acknowledgments or the accolades were mine to have and to own, omitting intentionally perhaps, or unintentionally, to give due credit to the others who had worked with me along the way.

By our word and by our actions, we are recognized – be they in any situation or place or time. Through our body language we unconsciously reveal our personality or trait since these are outward expressions of our physical and mental and emotional responsiveness.

I had been to many places holding several positions. During all those years, but specially these past recent times, I had been aware of people’s reactions. I know that I had not been spared of squirmishness and scrutinizes of many people as well, including the people I deal with and members of the staff of the company I managed. It was also in these positions that of the many responsibilities I have, mainly involving public relations and personnel management, there was the demand for me to have a close watch and discernment of people’s attitudes and subsequent behavior. It is commonly said and heard, “It is not all a matter of aptitude but of our attitude in order to reach our altitude!” (The mastery of this subject can be also attributed to John Maxwell.)

Other people find Christian brothers and sisters eclectic in so many ways – being conspicuously different than others because they bring out the good, the right, the beautiful, the positive and true ways of life, bearing the attitude of Christ. And this should always be our goal – to have the attitude of Christ.

In His time and gentleness, God tapped me on the shoulder and convicted me of this with the reminder that successes are allowed by Him alone and can only be achieved through people in our respectively defined areas of responsibility. We are but channels of God-given wisdom, knowledge, and creativity to accomplish His purpose for us. And so it was, and is, and will be.

Excerpted from the BCBP’s publication PRAYERTIME, pp 34, 80.

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