by BCBP Editor

“Jesus is the reason for the season.”
Jesus is the reason there is a Christmas, to celebrate His birth as a man-child, as our Savior. This is the season that boasts of day-in-day-out celebrations, gift-giving, and family reunions. It is a time when we celebrate the hope of our salvation and the great Love of our Father in heaven for us.

Christmas is the season of symbols, too. There is the Christmas tree, the Star of Bethlehem, the giving of gifts, Misa de Gallo and Christmas Eve4 Mass, Noche Buena, the Advent wreath, the Christmas candles and strings of lights, and many others.

God has created us with restless hearts that yearn for him. Yet, so many people are oblivious to God and focus on His creatures instead. They miss out on the full meaning of life. We see this during the Christmas season, even for months ahead of the season . . . people focusing on gifts, glitter and parties, missing out on the real meaning of Advent and Christmas.

This season, then, offers us a wonderful opportunity to live out our faith and share our faith with others. Integral everyday evangelism is simply bringing a living Gospel into our everyday lives in such a way as to demonstrate to those around us that Jesus is alive in us today. We are also evangelized when we encounter the mysterious God through symbols that manifest His presence. And the greatest symbol of God’s presence is the human person committed to the Lord and living a life of Christian witness, of integral and everyday evangelism.

feed the hungryTalking about the meaning of Christmas and the coming our Saviour is empty talk unless it is anchored on true Christian love and compassion for others. As we live a life of Christian witness, we become living symbols, an authentic evangelistic presence, to evoke a response to God from those around us.

This Christmas let us act on our faith and do something. Be honest with yourself and with God; ask forgiveness for the wrongs you have done. Congratulate an honest employee. Write a letter. Feed a hungry person. Pray. Give without expecting a return gift. Play with a child. Tithe honestly and joyfully. Help the sick and elderly in your community attend Misa de Galio. Reach out to a person in need.

Smile and laugh often, not at others, but with others with the love of Christ in your heart. Live joyfully. Invite friends to a BCBP breakfast. Light an Advent wreath together with your family and neighbors. Decorate your Christmas tree with “honesty acts”; for revery honest, loving and caring aqct you or your family members do during the season, hang a special card stating the honest act on your tree.

Let Jesus be the Real Reason for your celebration this Christmas season.

Reprinted from the December 2004 KAPATIRAN.

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