The overwhelmingly positive response to the Ladies Breakout session during the BCBP’s 30th NAC, National Anniversary Celebration, April 24, 2010 in Davao has resulted in a new section being added to the BCBP Community Portal website. The LADIES FORUM now appears on the HOME PAGE and can also be accessed through the Navigation Bar by clicking on SPECIAL FEATURES/Ladies Forum.

This section will contain the talks given during the Ladies Breakout session as well as other articles of interest for the women of the BCBP. Contributions in the form of articles, opinions, mini-sharings, interviews of successful women, and topics of interest for BCBP ladies are encouraged and should be sent to the Portal Editor.

The Ladies Forum also opens a window for interaction among BCBP ladies. After each article there is a space for your comments and reaction to the article. Let us know your concerns, share your joys, and be one with your BCBP experiences.

The overall objective of this new Ladies Forum is to provide a venue to address BCBP women’s issues and concerns, with focus on strengthening BCBP women as Christian women, wives and mothers, on nourishing right relationships with others and with God, and on enabling the BCBP women to provide support and a strong anchor of loving relationships and service for the BCBP community.

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mfemadamba May 21, 2010 - 8:18 am

Thank you for coming up with this Ladies Forum. We here at SoCal (Southern California) support each other and it is heartwarming to know that through this Ladies Forum we will have an even bigger support group. The reflections, inspirations and creative ideas that we will share in this forum will certainly help us ladies grow in our love for God and the BCBP. I will share this wonderful news with the ladies in SoCal and encourage them to regularly visit our website. God bless.

Farina Madamba


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