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By Bro. Boni Ramo, BCBP Cebu South

Captu1reWhen I was a kid, I was told what to do and what not to do during the season of Lent like: not to play, not to have suroy suroy in the neighborhood, not to laugh out loud during the Holy Week because I might be “gaba-an” , I would develop wounds which will not heal, and be called “Hudeyo”. “Mao na ,Hudeyo kang daku” the adults would reprimand us. As a BCBP member, coming to know Christ more , I realize that I have to do sacrifices during Lent to be a functioning Catholic, to be one with Christ in His sufferings and specially to try to reciprocate.

His great love for me. How He lived and died for me. Some ideas taken from a website (http: //youngfogeys.blogspot.com/2012/02/still-need-lent en-resolutions.html) make Lent more significant.

Let’s start with a few questions to reflect on:
1. Do I spend too much/too little time on a particular aspect of my life?
2. Do I have habits that “Starve “ me spiritually?
3. Am I too fond of material things /pleasurable activities?

What we can do individually, as a family, or as an action group:
1. Attend Mass daily
2. Attend all church organized Lenten activities.
3. List down all the people in your life who need your prayers for particular concerns.Pray for them daily.
4. Visit Adoration Chapels regularly.
5. Be more active volunteer in your own parish.
6. Write a thank you note to each family member daily.
7. Listen to Christian music /classical music more often.
8. Limit on-line time(FB,instagram,twitter)
9. Read bible stories to young children.
10. Help your children write thank you notes to their teachers ( a good way to end the school year.)
11. Give up fast food/coffee and give money to charity.
12. Give up your most unhealthy habits (physical or otherwise )and continue on beyond Lent.
13. List down your blessings from day 1 -40 of the Lenten season and share these to family/Action group members.

Source: Kaigsuonan
First posted on March 11, 2015

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