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By: Sis Kathy Oyson, BCBP Cebu South

imagesIn the book, “Like the Flowing River,” author Paulo Coelho shares his experience, “I met Isabella in a restaurant where we ussually go because it’s always empty, even though the food is excellent. SHe tells me that during her trip to Nepal, she spent some weeks in a monastery. One afternoon, she was walking near the monastery with one of the monks, when he opened the bag he was carrying and stood for a long time studying its content. Then he said to Isabella, “Did you know that bananas can teach you the meaning of life?”. He took out a rotten banana from the bag and threw it away. “That is life that has been gone, and which was not used to the full and for which its is now too late.” Then he drew out another banana, which was still green. He showed it to her and put it back in the bag. “This is life that has yet to happen, and for which we need to wait until the moment is right.” Finally, he took out a ripe banana, peeled it, and shared it with Isabella. “This is the present moment. Learn how to gobble it up without fear or guilt.”

The message conveyed in the story reminds me of a friend whom i had a chat over the phone the other day. In the midst of our conversation, she asked me if there would be someone who would take care of me when the time would come, especially whenall of my five children are living abroad. I told her that I dont dwell on this kind of thought because I always trust in the Lord – that He will always give me someone to take care of me when that need would come. She said that she is bothered with this kind of thought because her eight children are not living with her. They are all living in other parts of the country. This kind of thought would haunt her, especially in her moment of aloneness.

I told her that focusing our mind on fear and negative thinking would only drive us to sadness, loneliness and depression. It does not bring good to our well being. We should focus our mind on the present moment. There is nothing to fear in the present moment. I believe that God is always on our side, especially when we communicate with Him through our prayers. He will never forsake us.

In this light, wikihow.com has this to say, “Having a positive outlook is a choice. You can choose to think thoughts that elevate your mood, throw more a constructive light on a difficult situation, and generally color your day with brighter more hopeful approaches to the things you do. By choosing to take a positive outlook in life, you can begin to shift out a negative frame of mind and see life as filled with possibilities and solutions, instead of worries and obstacles.

To look at life in a rosy perspective and with an optimistic attitude in our hearts, our source gave out the following tips.

*Understand the benefits of being a positive thinker. Choosing to think more positively will not only help you take control of your life but it will have countless benefits on your mental and physical health as well as your ability to deal with change.

*Take responsibility of your attitude. No one can dictate you on how you think and your outlook in life. For your sake, look at life with enthusiasm and optimisim. Most of all, be grateful to God on the many blessings that He has showered upon you. There is nothing like having a great heart.

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