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When I was a boy our church would sometimes have potluck dinners in the church basement. Tables would run from wall to wall as sixty people would crowd in for the feast. The serving table would always be groaning under the weight of all the different dishes people brought. There would be baked ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, lasagna, green beans, brown beans, corn bread, pies, and cakes ready to fill every stomach and warm every heart. Children would be running in and out while adults talked and laughed and enjoyed being together. Soon grace would be said and the plates would be stacked high with all the fantastic food.

It was such a wonderful time. Everyone was happy. The happiest of all seemed to be the Mothers and Grandmothers who had spent so much time cooking the wonderful delights before us. They got to not only enjoy the dinner themselves but also to see everyone else enjoying the meal they had prepared. And that is what gave them their most joyous smiles.

Life can be a lot like a potluck dinner at times. There are so many different and wonderful things to feast upon. There are so many delicious dishes to delight in. The greatest joy of all, though, comes from sharing what you bring to the table. The most lasting happiness of all comes from feeding others from your own heart, soul, and mind.

Are you ready to bring your own course to the feast of life? God gave you something special to prepare and to share. It is up to you, however, to bring it to the table. You are the cook of your own goodness, your own love, and your own life. Put on your apron then, throw in a dash of delight, and make it the best dish you can. Then bring it to the table and set it down with a smile. You will be amazed at how much it will add to the feast. You will be overjoyed at how much you will nourish the souls of everyone around you.

Source: GodVine

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