Live High 9: RISE!

by BCBP admin

By Gia Ballesteros
BCBP Quezon City Chapter

“He reached down from on high and took hold of me; He drew me out of deep waters.” – 2 Samuel 22:17

Nowadays, where everything is fast-paced in this socially conscious, digital environment, young adults always try to keep up, are always anxious, are always stressed, always geared up for their next adventure, always ready to jump on the next best opportunity that comes their way. With that, where does the BCBP community fit in? How can we adapt? How can we bring Christ to the single, young professionals, and millennials?

We are very blessed that BCBP has organized retreats for families (BCFR), couples (BCMR), and let’s not forget to mention the BCLP as an introduction to the community. For the past seven (7) years, BCBP QC has been spearheading the Live High retreat targeted to the single, young professionals.

In August 2012, BCBP QC held its first Live High Retreat with 21 participants, all children, nephews, and nieces of BCBP QC members, while the parents themselves were the service team. Graduates of the Live High retreat became a BCBP unit called Christ’s Young Professionals (CYP).  Since then, the Live High Retreat became one of the main gateways to evangelize to single and young professionals and introduce the BCBP way of life.

The Live High Retreat is a weekend encounter with oneself and with Christ. To Christ through others, the goal is to bring single, young professionals to a beginning or a deepening relationship with the Lord through something practical: self-awareness and better ways of relating to their family and friends. The Lord works in different ways with different people. For young adults and professionals, it’s as if spending a weekend staycation with themselves and with the Lord as they listen to stories of faith, hope, and empowerment. It is inspiring to witness how Live High graduates testify their newfound relationship with themselves and with the Lord after the retreat.

A growing community, BCBP Chapters in Metro Manila have had their single, young professional members participate in the Live High Retreat and establish their own CYP units. With 2019 as the Year of the Youth, declared by the CBCP, it is only but natural that we say that the future of our church, of our community, is the youth. Let us help our community, our youth, to rise, be inspired, be empowered.

The Live High Retreat, now on its ninth (9th) batch is open for registration. CYP QC is welcoming participants from other chapters and invites of BCBP members themselves. Invitation is open to all single, young professionals between 21 to 37 years old. Like BCBP, Live High is non-denominational and members of other communities and religious affiliations are also welcome.

For inquiries, you can reach out to Marielle Quodala, LH9 Secretariat Head, at 09178898734 or send an email to

You can also directly reserve your slot by registering here -> Hurry to avail of the remaining early bird slots!

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