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By Bong Pelaez, BCBP Cagayan de Oro

manopause-coverTIME Magazine, August 16, 2014 Issue, talks about: Aging, Insecurity, a $2 Billion (Php 90B) Industry on Testosterone Industry !!!???

WOW …Php 90Billion is enough to feed and provide livelihood to the marginalized sector of the country….
a subsidized feeding program of making available good sources of animal and plant protein produced by Filipino farmers/back yard gardeners.

Basic Bible teaching – “Man is made in the image and likeness of God.”

Let’s reflect on Jesus in the temple … angry, fuming mad and using His muscles, in cleaning and clearing His Father’s Temple from thieves, money changers, and those desecrating the house of worship. I see Jesus as tall (at least 6 feet in height), masculine from His carpentry skill/profession, and respected. IF not for these attributes, the “victims” may have thrown Jesus out of the temple.

WHAT can be done to slow down this MANOPAUSE stage the BCBP Way???? The BCBP Way is to discuss: the body (30%), the mind (30%), and the spirit (40%).

The BODY(30%) – “you are what you eat???”

No Problem for those who control their calories intake.. BUT for those who love and live to eat…it is A Problem.

My Senior Active (60 +) Diet: Invest on a juicer and preferably a slow auger type (80 rpm) that can extract the juice and enzymes efficiently. You can avail of it on a 6 to 12 months credit card payment. Juicing is a mixture of vegetables: cucumber, ampalaya, ginger, celery, and carrots AND fruits (green apple). This mixture is very effective in controlling your calories intake. Juicing can improve our immune system. It can starve and inactivate our cancer cells.
fruit veggie juicer
What about BCBP parties and fellowship? Avoid using large plates for the buffet meals. Instead use a medium size plate … slightly bigger than a saucer plate. Avoid a second serving.

Your metabolism is slower than your younger years…unburned calories results to weight gain. Regular Exercise for muscle firming and cardio work out is a must. Firm up your body with a dumb bell exercise. increase the repetitions until the muscles ache and do at least three sets. I am using my 1990 (16.5 lbs.) dumb bells ….300 repetitions …3 sets! “No pain…No gain!” ….good cardio workout.

Go mitt boxing … 4 to 6 rounds at least twice a week. Note: your gym trainer absorbs your “youthful” solid punch as a result from your regular dumb bell workout.

The MIND (30%)

Keep your Kapatiran Column Commitment ….. and attend your organization and BCBP regular meetings. My Manly Challenge article allows me to write my articles in places were there are lots of distractions….you are able to control your mind in focusing what you are supposed to do without minding on what’s happening in your surroundings.

I started this write up yesterday (August 27, 9AM) in my grandchildren’s school activities – field demonstration exercises….writing in my I-phone notes…while shooting video/photos when the four grand children were performing.

Attending the Cagayan de Oro Hotel and Restaurant Association (COHARA) monthly board meetings is my best way of relieving the daily work related STREEEES. WHY? COHARA Board is dominantly a women led organization and has only four men in the board. The listening, and more so, the listening discipline allows you to simply appreciate WHY Women are different from men…AND why this women led association has survived for 18 years!

The SPIRIT (40%) – the MOST important part!morning prayer

The morning prayers (as early as 4AM) guide me in my activities for the day and in dealing with major decisions. The working of The Holy Spirit makes me a SPECIAL CHILD of God…customized in HIS image and likeness.

The 24/7 Challenge that my body + mind is the temple of God makes me appreciate the core values of Jesus – simplicity, humility, being joyful, and lovable!


We have no control on Aging and Increasing our Testosterone Level BUT we can delay this by managing our Body-Mind-Spirit:

1. BODY – be aware of your calorie intake; moderate your taste buds BUT don’t starve your body. Exercise with both weights and cardio to keep yourself firm according to your age.
2. MIND – contribute to Kapatiran and keep your commitment to the BCBP!
3. SPIRIT – pray…pray…pray….24/7!

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