School opening. Rainy days. What to fix for baons. What about breakfast, clean handkerchieves, misplaced toothbrushes … “the dog ate my homework” … Here are Murphy’s Laws for Mothers to make your day!

1. If anything can go wrong … Mom will be expected to fix it, change it, or call someone who can!

2. When the going gets tough … the tough get their mommies!

3. A mother may not always be right, but she is never wrong!

4. Child’s Creed: If it moves, bring it home and ask if you can keep it. If it doesn’t move,k bring it to show-and-tell.

5. The one who owns it is never the one who had it first!

6. There is nothing so small or so unimportant that it can’t be fought over!

7. Never tell a child not to get into something that you don’t want him to get into.

8. Hell hath no fury like a child ignored!

9. Never say anything in front of a child that you wouldn’t want repeated in front of your mother-in-law.

10. It always hurts you more than it hurts them!

But the bottom line is “Isn’t it great to be a mother!!!!!”

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