by BCBP Editor

by Bong Pelaez, Cagayan de Oro

The title “Bed Time Story” connotes nursery stories intended for children. My story talks about the beds that my spouse for 34 years, Beng, and I have used.

Our first major investment as married couple was a king size bed that accommodated our growing family. True enough, our three kids, joined us during the weekend nap time and as a wrestling mat…yes, I gamely wrestled with my kids since I had the stamina and vigor.

As they grew up and became independent, the king size bed had to be replaced with a double size bed….no more nap time together and no more wrestling with the kids.

Recently, the double bed had to go and was replaced with a small bed (48 inches x 75 inches)….the width is 12 inches wider than the single bed of 36 inches. It is indeed challenging, a lot of adjusting on turning from one side to the other, and being considerate that you do not disturb your partner.

This bed we are using was bought by my parents during one of their Hong Kong travels.

In December 1949… my mother did a lot of shopping (till you drop “dead”) that she almost had a miscarriage. In God’s Grace and Mercy, my twin sister and I were born as normal babies in June 1950.

My father’s advice to us was that the smaller the bed the better for the couple’s marriage…..the friction of the bodies from toe to the head make marriage fulfilling and exciting.

The future challenge in our golden anniversary, 16 years from now, is to try a single size bed …..36 x 75! In God’s Grace, I look forward to the challenge….I hope Beng does, too.

This is my Bed Time Story.

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