I am Edith Vicoy Malanog, 50 years old, and have been a member of the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals, BCBP, Siquijor Outreach for 9 years. My husband, Rocky, is an Overseas Filipino Worker, a seaman, and is away most of the time leaving me behind to cope with life’s daily struggles. I may not belong to the generics of influential people needed for the advancement of the mission of the BCBP but I would like to share how, in my own little way, I do my part living as a Christian wife and member of the BCBP, all with the help of the Lord.

Wives of overseas contract workers who left behind to take care of everything at home, wives who are missing the comfort and happiness of being with their husbands, wives whose loneliness is compensated with much financial support are very much susceptible to temptations in their struggle to survive. This is the kind of life I have been living, and I am so thankful to God for His guidance in making my life an avenue of service for the glory and honor of His name … through the BCBP community where I am an active member of the secretariat and the Intercessory Ministry of our Siquijor Outreach, and through our parish where I serve as a member of the Mother Butler’s Guild and as a member of the choir.

In my desire to serve the Lord and his people, at one time I entered politics. Little did I realize that being in politics would lead me to take a path not in consonance with the values that I espoused as a member of the BCBP Community. Not until I ran for councilor and lost did I realize this. I thanked God for rescuing me from the evils of our local politics, thereby paving the way for me to have more time to be more active in the BCBP, the Mother Butler Guild, and our parish choir. Although it’s physically tiring, the Lord gives me joy and peace of heart, knowing that this is my humble way of showing other wives of OFWs a way to be strong in the face of temptations by being closer to the Lord through His service.

In Rocky’s absence, I was left to face alone all our problems, especially the financial ones. Being a wife of a seaman working abroad is not a bed of roses financially. We have had our fair share of ups and downs. I have learned to swallow all my pride to save all my pride. At one time I was accused of mismanaging our finances by no other than my husband’s own relatives. This happened just after I had had a close encounter with the Lord in the BCBP so that instead of reacting negatively to all these hurting accusations, I lifted them up to the Lord and in His goodness, He let His love come into their hearts and peace come into my heart. This was my simple way of bringing Christ into my marketplace.

My being in the BCBP gives me the kind of perspective to look at and handle all these problems. In my moments of hopelessness I turn to the Lord. In my moments of despair I surrender everything to Him. I do my part no matter how hard and painful it is because I have full trust and confidence in Him. True enough, He always delivers me from the valley of tears and provides me with solutions in His time and in His own special way.

I am a living witness to the power of prayers and God’s infinite love. He has loved me from my youth. He loves me through the person of my husband, Rocky, who is blessed to be working abroad, and through our only son, ER, who has finished his studies and is now undergoing training at the New World Hotel in Makati.

God loves me through the brothers and sisters in the BCBP Community, the community to which He himself led me. He has put this song in my heart: “I will sing forever, O Lord, of your love and proclaim your faithfulness from age to age. I will declare how steadfast is Your love, how firm Your faithfulness.” Psalm 89:2-3. Yes, Lord, I will sing and proclaim forever of your Love.

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monique March 20, 2015 - 11:37 am

sharing one’s experiences is overwhelming feeling that helps to burst out emotion..i have also
come the same path you’ve been through..But through God’s grace i continue to survive and face other challenges in life..thanks for sharing remarkable experiences.You help us to enrich our spiritual life!

Edith V. Malanog October 10, 2010 - 5:32 pm

Bra Doding, thanks for sharing a time to read my testimony in life…..

Gertrudes J. Ladion October 9, 2010 - 11:55 pm

I am truly proud of Edith V. Malanog in her sharing. She is a steadfast member of the BCBP community, Siquijor Outreach. god Bless her always.

Edith V. Malanog October 7, 2010 - 7:55 am

Sis Nancy, thanks for posting the copy of my sharing at Ladies breakfast at Jade Vine, UN Av. Manila. PRAISE GOD….


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