New Year, New Leaders for Canlubang and San Pablo

by BCBP Editor

By Bro. Junep Ocampo

Two chapters of the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals (BCBP) serving the thriving province of Laguna are welcoming 2021 with a fresh set of leaders.

BCBP Canlubang (formerly known as BCBP Calamba West) and BCBP San Pablo will be led by new Chapter Heads who have been formally installed in an online ceremony participated in by members of the two chapters and attended by BCBP National leaders.

No less than the incumbent President of the BCBP, Bro. Joffe Almoro, and the incoming President, Bro. PV Beley, assisted by the incumbent Regional Council Director of BCBP Southern Tagalog Region 1-A Bro. Edgar Ramilo, led the installation of Bro. Jeresty Ramillano as new Chapter Head of BCBP Canlubang and Bro. Melo Mayo as new Chapter Head of BCBP San Pablo.

The new Chapter Heads took their oath of office alongside their respective wives, Sis. Yeng Ramillano and Sis. Sheila Mayo.

The two vowed to be faithful to the BCBP vision and mission of winning the marketplace for Christ and bring Christ into the marketplace.

Bro. Jeresty will be the third Chapter Head of BCBP Canlubang after Bro. Edgar Ramilo and Bro. Edwin Villaver. The chapter’s core members were formerly part of BCBP Calamba.

Bro. Jeresty will be assisted by a Governance Team composed of Bro. Norman and Sis Anna Calub (Mission); Bro. Mel and Sis Dina Malaga (Formation); Bro. Rolly and Sis Cayette Fulgencio (Programs & Services); Bro. Topher and Sis. Khem Teope (Family Life); Sis. Monette Cosico (Treasurer); Bro. Nolan and Sis. Claire Nuevo, Bro. Zig and Sis. Vivian Vital, and Bro. Cris and Sis. Janet Capacio (Unit Leaders).

Bro. Melo, meanwhile, will be the fourth Chapter Head of BCBP San Pablo, taking the reins from Bro. Ronald Villeno who succeeded Bro. Rey San Buenaventura and Bro. Vic Longno. BCBP San Pablo started as a mission of BCBP Manila and handed over to BCBP Calamba before it became a full-pledged chapter.

Bro. Melo will be backstopped by his Governance Team composed of Bro. Manolo and Sis. Monina Dador (Mission); Bro. Jun and Sis. Jocelyn Aninias (Formation); Bro. Buddy and Sis. Ginna Fellizar (Programs & Services); Bro. Jake and Carol Quintillano (Family Life); Blessie Mendoza (Secretary), Bro. Danny Aquino and Sis. Rose Aquino (Treasurer); Bro. Ruel and Sis. Tess Borlongan, Bro. Chito and Sis. Cora Isleta, Bro. Francis and Sis. Denden Calatraba, and Bro. Obet and Sis. Nini Panganiban (Unit Leaders).

BCBP Canlubang and BCBP San Pablo are part of the Southern Tagalog Region 1-A which is also ushering a new Regional Council Director in Bro. Don and Sis. Anna Alarcon. They will be taking the place of Bro. Edgar and Helen Ramilo.

BCBP Senior Leaders Council head Bro. Angel Sabas and former BCBP RCD Bro. Marce Lantican both exhorted the new leaders to be faithful and be shepherds to their flock, leading them by example in living the “white card” of commitments to the BCBP.

“We are fighting a spiritual battle here,” said Bro. Marce. “May we not forget to always rely on our God who promised to fight the battle for us.”

For his message, incoming BCBP President PV Beley challenged the new leaders to be innovative, look for ways to evangelize the marketplace in these trying and uncertain times, and be always sensitive to God’s leading.

“In my prayers to God, I don’t just ask Him, ‘What do you want from me Lord?’ I also ask ‘When do you want it, Lord?’ and ‘How do you want it?'” he said.

Just like the two new Chapter Heads, Bro. PV will officially take over as BCBP President on January 1, 2021, and will serve for the next three years — a very interesting time for the Brotherhood as it navigates through the changes brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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