BCBP says ‘No’ to divorce

by BCBP admin

The Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals (BCBP) joins the call for the government to stop efforts to legalize divorce in the Philippines.

The BCBP joins the 80 member organizations of the Pilipino Movement for Transformational Leadership (PMTL) and other Christian groups in opposing House Bill 7303 or the Absolute Divorce Act of 2018.

In an advertisement that came out in major newspapers, the Christian communities said they are opposing the proposed measure for three important reasons: 1. It is unconstitutional; 2. It is against the Christian faith; and 3. It is anti-family and anti-children.

The groups pointed out that Article 15, Section 2 of the Philippine Constitution says that the marriage is an inviolable institution that the government must protect.

They also noted that the Christian faith sees marriage not just an an ordinary contract but a sacrament — a covenant before God — that the government must respect.

And finally, the Christian groups stressed that contrary to what the proponents of the Absolute Divorce Act, legalizing divorce will not solve problems but create new ones.

“Divorce will break up families. The children will be the biggest victims. The separation of parents inflicts lingering emotional and psychological impact on children. Not even financial support can address nor heal the wounds,” they said.

The BCBP is one of the original convenors of the PMTL which is a community of lay faithful from various Christian churches who have come together to engage in the work of God in the field of politics.




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