Online Kumustahan for BCBP Youth STR 1–B

by BCBP Editor

They may not be allowed to gather in person. But members of the BCBP Youth from Southern Tagalog Region 1-B did not allow the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic to prevent them from having a fellowship through an Online Kumustahan last October 10, 2020.

Some 85 young participants from Biñan, Carmona and Imus met via to get to know each other and to enjoy each other’s company in a way that is pleasing and glorifying to God.

Biñan chapter hosted the event which was a long overdue follow-up to the informal fellowship of the region’s youth in 2016 at Enchanted Kingdom during that years Regional Grand Breakfast.

Due to limited time, the participants in that activity in 2016 were not able to maximize the occasion. They then planned to hold a similar activity which eventually became a reality this year.

Preparations were launched a month before and registrants increased at the last minute.

The event’s program was conducted in two parts, the first being the prayer assembly and the second was the fellowship.

Bro. James Antonio of Imus led the Youth into praise and worship while Bro. Obeth Espeleta, director of Biñan Chapter’s Family Life, read the Gospel about the Beatitudes. This gospel reading was chosen to remind our young people that there is still grace and blessedness even in the most challenging of times, especially today.

Three Sharers, all youth leaders, were invited to testify to the Gospel and show the different aspects in the life of the youth of today.

Cristina Somera of Imus Chapter focused on the education aspect with her sharing about thesis writing.
G.A. Madrid of Biñan, meanwhile, focused on Pastoral as he shared Binan Youth’s mission story.

Grizelda Ganaban, also from Imus, focused on Fraternal as she shared about friendship and camaraderie.

The participants were divided into different breakout rooms for group sharing, which was followed by the response song that signaled the start of the fellowship.
Bro. Ed Ancheta, the new Regional Council Director of STR1-B, warmly welcomed the participants and likened the challenge of young holiness to the life of the newly proclaimed Blessed Carlo Acutis.

Since there were first-timers to the BCBP Youth, the welcome song Hevenu Shalom was sung for them followed by a video presentation showing what BCBP is all about.

Games were conducted and actively participated in, followed by intermission numbers from Biñan, Carmona, and Imus.

The activity closed with the Biñan Chapter passing on the task of hosting Kumustahan 2021 to the Imus Chapter.

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