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BY Bong Pelaez, BCBP Cagayan de Oro

BCBP has all the reasons to celebrate for the Catholic Church has a new pope. Pope Francis or Francisco ….a Jesuit! Jesuits are known for their vow of poverty, and Pope Francis has exemplified this vow of poverty with his virtues of simplicity and humility. …. He even takes the public transport and cooks his own meals.

Pope Francis by his example challenges the Church and each one of us faithful. As Christian businessmen and professionals can we adopt this challenge of simplicity and humility in the work place?

YES! ……. by knowing and differentiating the needs from the wants.
HOW?….. by reflecting and praying to the Holy Spirit for guidance.

I offer you a Case Study for your reflection and discernment.

BCBP member Pedro needed to replace his 4 year old Ford Ranger Crdi 4×4 pick -up with a brand new Nissan Navara 4×4 pick-up. He saw this as a good business policy to have a new vehicle that would be a worry and maintenance free service vehicle. Pedro’s driver of 28 years fully agreed.

Pedro prayed for his vehicle replacement options: Option 1 -2013 Navara Brute 2.5 4×4, M/T,
cost – Php 1,125,000. Option 2 – 2013 Krome Edition 2.5 Crdi 4×4 , A/t, cost – Php 1,525,000 . The price difference – Php 300,000.

Being the AGL of Pedro, how would you guide him in discerning his choice?

You as his AGL can ask these key questions:
1) Who drives the pick-up? – if the answer is ” the driver does most of the time”. Proceed to the second question.
2) Does your driver need the added features of the Krome Edition – leather seat, Crdi, automatic transmission, and bigger tires? This equates to Php 300,000 more.
3) If the answer is NO…then you do not need the added features.
Similar other questions may be asked to address other concerns that Pedro may have.

After Pedro’s reflection and prayer, together with your guidance (but remember that it is not your responsibility to decide for him!), the following might be some of his decision areas:
1) Buy the Brute model and save Php 300,000.
2) Increase the driver’s monthly salary by Php 3,000 from the savings.
Pedro can then use the amount in buying through installment a brand new motorcycle. With the motorcycle he can now save on the public utility rides in reporting for work. On weekends, he can use it as a family transportation. After 48 months, when he decides to replace the vehicle, the total additional pay to the driver was only Php 144,000, still below the Php 300,000 savings.


Always ask the Holy Spirit – “Do I need it? Or, do I want it?”

The savings of your WANTS can benefit others…by providing for their NEEDS. Just remember and live out this saying: Live simply so that others may simply live.

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Evangeline Q. Pico March 27, 2013 - 9:48 pm

thank you for the analysis and reflection. worth my time. Thank you too Lord God for your Holy Spirit as always.

Evangeline Q. Pico March 27, 2013 - 9:47 pm

thank you. very good analysis and reflection. God bless BCBP and thank you Lord as always.


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