by BCBP Editor

In keeping with BCBP’s Be Honesty Advocacy and it’s continuing defense of the truth through the TAPAT DAPAT initiative, find the following statement of the Movement Against Disinformation (MAD). BCBP is a convenor of this advocacy group.

Prior to its incorporation, MAD has already spearheaded and engaged in actions demanding accountability from big social media networks through its Open Letters to Facebook/Meta, Tiktok, and Google. It has also assisted several individuals and groups in filing cases against notable personalities who have red-tagged them.

Moving forward, MAD will pursue a multi-pronged approach that would demand accountability, create deterrence, and influence the drafting and passing of laws and policies that could address the problem of disinformation.

To exact accountability and create deterrence, MAD will focus on handling and filing of legal cases relating to disinformation (i.e. cyber libel, unjust vexation, etc.). It will also directly engage and urge the social media platforms for them to regulate the spread of disinformation in their respective platforms. In relation to this, MAD will find ways to influence the development and crafting of policies and laws that would regulate social media platforms and the spread of disinformation through them.


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