No, this Ryder Cup is not about Europe vs America’s finest golfers. It was between BCBP Makati and BCBP Alabang. The original famous Ryder cup is a biennial tournament which pits the best players from Europe and America against each other and has been going on since 1926. The match, which alternates the venues between the two continents, was founded by Englishman Samuel Ryder.

Makati and Alabang golfers hold some familiarity with each other’s games. There have always been speculations and forecasts as to who plays a better game of golf. The inevitable showdown just had to happen. Months of teasing as well as the repeated exercise of bragging rights finally led to friendly spirit-filled match between the two groups with the first event being held on Wednesday, June 2, hosted by Alabang at their home course in the Alabang Country Club. The between-the-lines objective of the event hoped to prove which side was more skillful if not truly addicted to the game.

On game day, June 2, signs were showing that both sides were equally passionate about the game. Makati members braved a ridiculous and painful two hour traffic jam along SLEX just to catch their tee-off time in Alabang. Some, just to make it in time, deliberately missed lunch. There is a song by the rock group Queen, that goes “thunderbolt and lightning – a very, very frightening thing.” Well, thunderstorms and heavy rainfall did mark the mid-afternoon game but nature’s noise failed to frighten the spirits of these addicted golfers. Both sides have been waiting for this friendly contest to happen for a long time. The match must go on.

True to Ryder Cup form, three formats were played : Best ball (Fourball in Ryder terms), Scramble (Foursome in Ryder terms) and Match Play (Same name).

The team line-ups and winners were:
Match Play: Alabang’s Jun Dioquino and Tony Gonzales vs Makati’s Jimmy Zamora and Cesar Rubin : one point each team. Then Alabang’s Joe Ferreria and Billy Gualberto vs Makati’s Eric Gustilo and Joey Avellana: one point each team.
Best Ball: Danny Cuevas and Jojo Gana of Alabang vs. Makati’s Joe Bantiling and Jay Cruz: one point each team. Then Alabang’s Serge dela Fuente and Bay Valles vs me, Danny Silbor, and Larry Arceo of Makati: one point each team.
Scramble: Louie Morales and Leodie Limcangco of Alabang vs. Makati’s Jay Avellana and Rico Robles: one point each. Then Alabang’s Alex Tan and Tony Villanueva vs. Ronnie Caballero and Opie Nioko of Makati: one point each team.

Were you keeping count? No team won over the other. It was all square!

This news of the tie score was somewhat met with regret that not one team had proved better than the other. Regret was soon erased by the exciting anticipation that yet another game, maybe more, was to be played and that this would go one for the rest of the year, maybe even till the next year.

Fellowship BCBP style soon followed at the Alabang Country Clubhouse Dining area. Imagine a breakfast atmosphere but done during dinner time, complete with BCBP music and the sharer. Even the cuisine had the personal touch of BCBP members, John and Carla Maramara. Yes, of course, both play the golfing game.

The next game is slated at Canlubang – ready to be tested by the Sucat to Alabang traffic. Makati for now considers Villamor Golf as its would-be home course. May the better team win and hopefully there would indeed be a winning team – even by only one point – it doesn’t matter. That way, the losing team on that day will ask for their day of getting back at the other team which means more exciting golf games. Let us know if you are interested to be a part of the next Ryder Cup, BCBP style.

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