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By Bong Pelaez, BCBP CDO

SENDONG (12/11)…PABLO (12/12)…& YOLANDA (11/13)
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11/13/13 (8:25AM In-flight CDO to MNL enroute to Zamboanga)

Thank GOD…20 minutes after take-off the seat belt sign has been switched-off after we passed the remnants of typhoon Zorayda. Normal time for seat belt sign switch-off is 5 minutes. I devoted the 20 looooong minutes in reading and reflecting on the COMPANION’s Scriptural Reading for the day:

1st reading – Wisdom 6:1-11
Fr. Steve Tynan’s excerpt – “I do not think that God actually punishes us for our sins”.
My reflection – “Lord, will this be my last and final flight?…Have mercy on me a sinner!”

2nd reading – Psalms 82:3-4,6-7
Psalm Response: Rise up, O God, bring judgement to the earth.
My reflection – “Lord so much damage and sufferings are taking place at the Visayas Area. Do not allow this aircraft to litter the earth.”

3rd reading – Luke 17: 11-19
10 lepers are healed by Jesus BUT only one expresses his gratitude.
My reflection – “Lord, the majority of us on this flight have prayed the Act of Contrition and eventually may have forgotten to say ‘thank you’!”

As I meditate on these readings, I feel God’s presence and assurance that He is control and for us to reflect on man’s abuse of what was once a beautiful garden of Eden.

3 successive years of destructive Typhoons- Sendong (12/11) – Pablo (12/12) – Yolanda (11/13) – are these the signs of our time?
Typhoon SENDONG was brought about by three whole days of rains in Bukidnon’s denuded mountains resulting to surface water run-off and landslides. Mud and flood water rushed down to the silted river of Cagayan de Oro causing immediate death by drowning and distractions to properties. We had BCBP CDO MEMBERS losing their loved ones. The trauma comes back every time a low depression takes place. My granddaughter Lizzie (6 years old), a “scholar of Sendong”, always has her back pack ready when the sky gets dark for a heavy rain.

BCBP’s Assistance to the Survivors:
1) BCBP QC Chapter member Cherry Ranises conducted several two-day POST TRAUMA seminars for the CDO (1/2 & 3/2012) and the Iligan City (1/4 & 5/2012) Volunteers.
2) BCBP supervised the construction of 3 school buildings funded by Feed The Hungry (USA).
3) BCBP collaborated with the CDO Archdiocese in the construction of two relocation sites.

Article Continuation – 11/15/13 5:20AM @ Laguindingan Airport for 06:45 MNL – 10:45 to Zamboanga City.

Typhoon PABLO (12/12) brought catastrophe to the agricultural (coconut and bananas) areas of Davao Oriental. BCBP DAVAO CHAPTER responded with the collaboration of Feed the Hungry (USA) by providing livelihood programs to Cateel, Davao Oriental:
bcbp helps typhoon victims - 11) Rosary Making using the fallen coconut trees. You may place your orders with BCBP Davao East CH Hansel Magno. The export quality rosary is ideal for a Christmas present.
2) Chain saws for clearing the area
3) Corn production inputs (hybrid seeds and fertilizers).

Typhoon YOLANDA (11/13) , the title holder for the strongest typhoon ever recorded in mankind’s history AND a heart breaking, bleeds your heart, and a very sad sight for t.v. viewers. Last night, I avoided watching the 10PM ANC (ABS-CBN News Channel) Program. The news coverages on Typhoon Yolanda have been giving me depression and a heavy heart resulting in sleepless nights.

Some BCBP Members in the Visayas areas may have to re-build/re-start their businesses and professions…. literally, Change The Face Of Business.

I believe this is the opportune time for the BCBP Community to pray and act in solidarity with our Visayas brothers and sisters for WISDOM on how we can effectively help re-build the affected areas. Feed The Hungry (USA) sent me an e-Mail asking how they could help. The names of the two AMDs (Area Managing Director) for Visayas, Nelson Dauz and Doy Andrada, have been submitted for proper and direct coordination. This coming Sunday, BCBP CDO Chapters are holding a rummage sale to raise funds for Typhoon Yolanda victims.

BOT-ManCom’s November 30 Meeting will do away with the traditional dinner fellowship by the hosting RCDs and MM CHs. The administrative savings will be augmented to the BCBP Calamity Fund in assisting the BCBP Visayas Communities.


These natural calamities are here to stay in our life time, in our children’s and grandchildren’s generations.

CHANGING THE FACE OF BUSINESS means not only on the moral side but will have to include catastrophe preparation and post trauma sessions.

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