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bong p n snr ldrs
The SENIOR LEADERS RETREAT AND WORKSHOP, the first BCBP retreat/workshop for senior leaders, held September 13-15 at Echotech Center, Cebu City was a resounding success. BOT Chairman Bong Pelaez filed this report that he says is the improved version of his Closing Remarks on Sunday, Sept. 15, during the closing ceremonies of the workshop.
Many times we take the closing remarks as the best part of the program – AY SALAMAT NATAPOS NA! UWI NA! But I am sure that we all have enjoyed this weekend activity and renewed many friendships among our peers.

As your BOT Chair, the BCBP’s Board of Trustees is supportive of ManCom activities such as this Senior Leaders Retreat and Workshop headed by WYSS (Women, Youth, Seniors, Singles) Director Francis Mapile. The BOT approved the budget for this retreat and workshop.

My personal evaluation based on a low score of 1 and a high score of 10, I would give Overall Facilitator WYSS Director Francis Mapile and company a score of 10.

I would like to acknowledge the following for a JOB WELL DONE:

The first in the list is:
–Tatang Louie Morales as the “mastermind/initiator”
–Tatang President Manny Jimenez for convening the other Tatangs – Bobby Atendido, Manolet Siojo, Roy Calleja, Joey Avellana – and crafting the concept and workshop
–The provincial Tatangs – the AMDs – Willie Simbul (North Luzon), Jun Obra (Metro Manila), Nelson Dauz (Visayas), and Jong Tiro (Mindanao) who reminded the local Tatangs on their attendance
–Boy Villanueva as the head servant of the Cebu servants in making this retreat comfortable
–The National Office BATANG for “bata pa pero tatang ang trabaho” headed by Loy and his hardworking staff – Cho and Kenneth
–Lastly, Overall Facilitator and WYSS Director Francis Mapile, in the preparation of this activity, who got all the DO THIS and DO THATs from our Tatangs….BUT the Wisdom you gained was shared to the more than one hundred once “lost” Tatangs molding them into inspired, energized and rejuvenated Tatangs as the expectations are clear and precise.


These 3 days at the EcoTech have been my best vacation for the year. This retreat provided my BODY the much needed exercise. Saturday’s walk around Ecotech Center with the Southern Tagalog brothers was moderate and pleasant…pang matanda. Today, Sunday’s walk going up the cardiac hill of Beverly Hills with the Visayas brothers was a real fitness test with the goal of being able to carry on a conversation for the 30 minutes uphill climb….in God’s mercy all 5 of us made it back and rewarded ourselves with a good breakfast.

This retreat allowed my SPIRIT to love Jesus more as He commands us to love one another as we get old gracefully.

This retreat sharpened my MIND on our roles, responsibilities, and obligations as Tatangs for ALL in the BCBP family.
senior ldrs

As summed up in the Retreat/Workshop, the 3 Secrets of a being a good SERVANT LEADER “TATANG” are:
1) He LEADS the Chapter Head to greater heights with his wisdom only… the decision is the job of the Chapter Head.
2) He FOLLOWS the Commitment Card as his covenant to the Lord … even if senior moments become unavoidable.
3) He GETS OUT OF THE WAY so others may LEAD…he takes the back seat without being a nagging Tatang.

May the good Lord give the Tatangs good health, enough wealth to provide their basic needs and wants to enable them of share their wisdom and experience ONLY to the BCBP Family.

God bless the BCBP!
tatang certificate
P.S. THIS SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT IS JUST FOR ALL THE TATANGs. A 20% discount will be given for accommodation at: Mapawa Nature Park & Duka Bay Resort upon presentation of your OFFICIAL TATANG CERTIFICFATE. — Bong Pelaez

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JUN LATAY September 17, 2013 - 5:01 am

By April 2014, I will be a ‘Tatang’ myself, having finished my term as BCBP Lipa CH. May I be blessed with at least 50% of what a BCBP Tatang may have earned during his tour of duty. Amen

melchor s. rebutica September 16, 2013 - 12:55 pm

Truly, this weekend retreat cum workshop of the senior leaders of bcbp nationwide brought out the best ideas on how we the TATANG’S will be of best use to our community. Hope and pray that the inputs and/or suggestions will result into bot policies and will be implemented by all concerned. Thank you to all the organizers and to God!


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