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evangelizeInherent in the Vision and Mission of the BCBP is Evangelization, especially of our respective workplaces, and other businessmen and women and professionals in the marketplace milieu. How do BCBP members evangelize? Invite business associates and friends to the BCBP breakfast; it all starts from there.

But this is only one way we can share our faith in the Risen Lord with others. Here are some other ways we can evangelize found in the book by Chris MacDonald, CATHOLIC EVANGELIZATION: PRACTICAL WAYS OF SPREADING THE GOSPEL AND BUILDING UP THE BODY OF CHRIST , .

Pray: it is important to pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance, to deepen our own faith, and for the conversion of others. Remember that Blessed Mary and the other saints intercede for us, and that prayers for evangelization are always heard in Heaven. Remember to pray for the Christians who are being persecuted all over the world each and every day.
Review basic apologetics which helps you to explain and defend our faith. Also know that you don’t have to be able to answer every question, and if you don’t know the answer, admit it. Find the answer from a valid source (catechism, apologetics, priest, and/or pray on it) and then get back to the person as soon as possible. Pray for the person as well.
Keep explanations short and sweet.
• It is good to know some of the basic tenets of other faiths (eg. the other monotheistic religions) so you can counteract core beliefs.
• It is important to leave the person(s) with something: a prayer card, rosary with instructions, contact information etc…

Our conduct: we are Christians in every situation, lest we appear as hypocrites. And since our actions affect others, especially if we are leaders, we must conduct ourselves appropriately at all times.evangelism 2
Talk openly about your faith with family members; let it become the easiest and most important subject.
Talk about your faith with co-workers. Timing and circumstance are important, but you’ll find the right time. Invite them to attend, together with you, a BCBP breakfast.
Door to door: evangelizing is about bringing the gospel to others, no matter who or where they are. This is what is taught in the CETP, Catholic Evangelization Training Program.
Preach on the street: Jesus did!

Create a Catholic BCBP online presence.
• Wear clothes such as a t-shirt or hat with a gospel message. It can be subtle or loud and proud.
Run for office and stay true to your faith and values.
Volunteer at Catholic bookstores, Catholic charities, your parish center, and support Catholic businesses in your area.
Bumper stickers. ‟My Boss is a Jewish Carpenter”, or any message that gets people thinking. Promote your parish with bumper stickers as well.
• Hand out prayer cards to people you meet.

Hand out bibles. evangelism plant seed of hope
Become a catechism teacher.
Support Catholic schools.
Wear Christian jewellery, like a rosary bracelet. It’s a conversation starter as well.
Handouts, flyers, or leaflets: an innocuous way to get the life saving message out.

Coffee cups: it can be very inexpensive to emboss your favorite cup with a bible passage or inspirational message.
Defend the faith: it our duty to defend our faith anytime that it is under attack, and when others are spreading errors or falsities about it. Not to say anything… is denying Christ.
Invite at least one person to a BCBP breakfast each week.
Discuss the liturgical Scripture readings with family and friends.
Help organize a parade or procession in your parish. Floats and costumes can include those of the saints, or even the holy family.

Organize a parish walk-about in the neighborhood after mass.
Start an intercessory prayer group to pray for the conversion and concerns of others.
Be respectful of others when talking about your faith. Talking about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is always done out of love and concern for others; we care enough about them to not want them to perish. But don’t be shy either.
Be willing to share your faith at the appropriate time with anyone – but know that faith takes time to develop in others (we cannot control that process), and that like sowers of seed, not all seed will fall on fertile soil (we cannot control that either). We have to give up control and trust in God. He is truly with us.
Realize that evangelization is our most important duty, and that we are never alone in our evangelization efforts.
Fast or make other sacrifices for evangelization’s sake.
• In whatever way you can, draw positive attention to Christ (use your imagination). However, conflict is sometimes unavoidable and we must stay true to our faith. What is the worse they can do to us?

Sources: Various internet sources, including Catholic Evangelization . A more complete discussion of evangelization, which formed the basis for this article, can be found in the book by Chris MacDonald, CATHOLIC EVANGELIZATION: PRACTICAL WAYS OF SPREADING THE GOSPEL AND BUILDING UP THE BODY OF CHRIST By Christopher MacDonald, Copyright © 2012 Christopher MacDonald. You may contact Chris MacDonald at this link http://ce/ or directly .

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