An important part of our BCBP Commitment is to read, study and live the Word of God. Therefore it is imperative that we exercise the essential spiritual discipline of Bible Intake.

Benedict XVI has stated that “The Word should have a personal and a communal dimension. It should be truly personal, because God speaks to each of us through sacred Scripture and has a message for each of us. … The Word of God is given to us in order to build communion, to unite us in the truth along our way to God. Therefore, despite the fact that it is always a personal word, it is also a word that builds community, and that builds the Church itself. Therefore, we should read it in communion with the living Church.”

This 28-slide ppt presentation gives us fundamental information about the Holy Bible gleaned from various Scripture Discovery workshops being given in the BCBP. The talk can be given in its complete form (1 1/2 hrs), or broken down into several shorter modules. It may also be used as a personal study guide and/or in action group discussions.

Some of the topics included are:
Why Read the Bible?
Correct Attitudes
6 Ways to Intake God’s Word in Scripture
Appreciating the Bible
What Bible Should I Use?
The Bible as History, Revelation and Meaning of Our Salvation
Manna Sandwich


Note: The complete Scripture Discovery Workshop for BCBP groups that includes many hands-on activities in various study methods is conducted for a minimum of 20 hours, ideally at least 24 hours. Workshop facilitator Nancy R. Catan may be contacted through this portal or the BCBP National Office.

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