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Scripture Readings: Mark 8:14-21. James 1:19-27.
blindness spiritual
What is spiritual blindness? It is a lack of focus on what Jesus tells us, a lack of faith and trust. a lack of refusal to listen or to understand who Jesus is, what he has done for us, and what he is capable of doing. Spiritual lethargy (laziness) is falling short of our commitments to God, not setting aside a regular prayer time, finding (or inventing) excuses from attending BCBP activities; in other words, spiritual lethargy is the first step in becoming spiritually blind.

We have a lot of preoccupations that blind, or at best blur our vision. We do not always understand Jesus Christ and the values of life that he proposes to us. Our journey of faith is often slow. We find ourselves more focused on daily concerns and false hopes, more focused on material things especially those that tend to lead us away from Jesus and His Truth.

The process of welcoming the Word of God ought not to be a passive one. If we remain in a sort of spiritual lethargy, we are deceiving ourselves and thus are denying ourselves the power of the Holy Spirit to work in us. We need to be active in our faith as Christians in showing love and mercy, in making sure our worship is pure (no hidden agendas, etc.), and in coming undefiled before God in prayer and daily life. Overcoming spiritual blindness or spiritual lethargy results in doing all we can to share our love for Christ with others and help them on their own personal journey of faith.

Sharing Starters:

1. In what ways are you now, or have you been, in the grip of spiritual lethargy or spiritual blindness? What are you going to do about it?

2. How can active membership in the BCBP, and in your action group, help you avoid growing tired on your journey of faith?

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