by BCBP Editor

By Joe Coruna, BC

During my college days as a medical student, i can never forget my professor in Orthopedic surgery telling us about a famous adage on how to handle FRACTURES, “ Splint ‘em where they lie.”

In our eagerness to save the life of a patient lying on a highway after a vehicular accident, we tend to pick him up right away without first examining the extent of his injuries. This is a human instinct especially among good Christians or for that matter good Samaritans, to help those who are in need. Complications arise such as complete fractures or even death, when they could have prevented them before calling 911 by splinting them first where they lay.

A case in point: A 35 year old, PNP officer, Adonis-like in appearance, medium-built, a well-chiselled body and a very bright future ahead of him, a graduate of PMA, was airlifted to the National Orthopedics Hospital in Banawe, Q.C., from the province, after a vehicular accident on a highway. They were chasing bank robbers when suddenly their mobile patrol car skidded and they were thrown out, the officer landing on the concrete road, semi-conscious but alive. Again our good Samaritans lifted him up immediately, placing him in a passenger jeepney and brought him to the hospital. The clinical findings showed a fracture of the spine and a complete transection of the spinal cord at the level of cervical 7 and thoracic 1. A year later, he was brought home to his province disabled from the waist down, depressed with his dreams of a good life shattered.

How is this relevant to my story line and my column” Rx for Fitness”? This column is not only for physical fitness but for the total individual human person including his psychological, emotional, mental and spiritual fitness.

Before I came to the Brotherhood, I led a crooked, disjointed, bent and fractured spiritual life. I needed a healer, most especially a specialist to straighten my way of life. In John 3:3-4, “make straight the way of the Lord”. John the Baptist was speaking to a people who led crooked and fractured spiritual lives. Like Saul, on his way to Damascus, I, too, fell from my horse, knocking me off my senses. I saw a blinding light and Jesus took over. He provided a “splint where I lay”.

As I continue my walk with Him in the Brotherhood as a leader, I continue to search for wounded and broken souls in my respective market place, providing them with a splint if they lead fractured spiritual lives. Fr. Herb Schneider, our spiritual director, aptly put it in his homily last BOT-Mancom meeting in Mapawa Nature Park in Cagayan de Oro City, when he said that as leaders we have a responsibility to shepherd our members, to provide them with the love and care as brothers and sisters, that the vision and mission of the brotherhood must be drilled into the heart and mind of every member together with the core values, that the basic foundation and strength of our community emanates from the AGLs. If they are weak, the BCBP will also be weak, easily splintered, comminuted and fractured.

I believe that Fr. Herb was sending out a strong message to all BCBP members – that it is our responsibility to help splint and restore our brothers and sisters ‘where they lie’ in our respective marketplaces, even just one soul at a time. With God’s grace and the help of the Holy Spirit, this is a definite attainable goal for each one of us.

NAC 32 is barely two months away. It will be another joyous celebration to acknowledge God’s kingship in our lives. We come together to fellowship with each other but above all, to fellowship with our Lord Jesus. Acts 2:46 says “they worshipped together religiously at the temple…met in small groups…and shared their meals with great joy and thankfulness.” I see every NAC as a celebration of the healing and strengthening that we have each experienced and which is continuing in our daily lives – our total individual human personhood including our psychological, emotional, mental and spiritual fitness plus our relationships with others.

Happy Anniversary! See you all!

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